19 October 2018

●Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE);-
↪Is an autonomous council under the Union Environment Ministry.(to guides, promotes & coordinates forestry research)
•‘Prakriti’ programme;-↪to provide a platform for the school children to learn practical skills towards sustainable use of the resources(forests & environment)
•Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti;-↪is an autonomous organisation under MoHRD to provide modern quality education to talented children, predominantly from rural areas, without regard to their family’s socio-economic condition
●US could remove India from its “currency monitoring list” of major trading partners;-
•there are three pre-conditions for being named currency manipulator⤵
1)a trade surplus of over $20 billion with US
2)a current account deficit surplus of 3% of GDP
3)persistent foreign exchange purchases of 2% plus of the GDP over 12 months.
●China’s artificial moon project;-
↪Chinese scientists plan to send three artificial moons into space in the next four years
•artificial moon will have a reflective coating that can deflect sunlight back to Earth, similar to how the moon shines
•illuminated satellite is said to be eight times brighter than the real moon(lighting can be controlled)
●NASA’s Dawn mission;-
↪was aimed at studying the asteroid Vesta and dwarf planet Ceres
↪these celestial bodies believed to have accreted early in the history of the solar system
•Now Is drawing to a close after 11 years of breaking new ground in planetary science( spacecraft is about to run out of a key fuel, hydrazine)
●Bihar’s ‘Shahi Litchi’ Gets GI tag;-
•Shahi Litchi↪is famous for its sweet, juicy, unique flavour and aroma, is mostly grown in Muzaffarpur got GI tag [will minimise the fear of fake and poor quality litchis]
•Bihar produces 40% of the litchi grown in the country
◆Bihar also has GI tags↪ Katrani rice, Jardalu mango & Magahi paan (betel vine)
●National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA);-↪Is an agency(apex body) of Mo Home Affairs whose primary purpose is to coordinate response to natural or man-made disasters and for capacity-building in disaster resiliency & crisis response
●Dharma Guardian;-{b/w India & Japan}
↪It is a joint military exercise between India and Japan
●North Central Railways(NCR) launched two mobile apps;-⤵
◆NCR RASTA app↪It will enable railway staff to reach desired asset using Google Navigation in case of any emergency
◆Yatri RASTA app↪It will allow general public to locate railway stations easily
●Bilaspur-Manali-Leh line;-
↪will be the world’s highest railway track (at 5,360 meters above the sea level) along the Indo-China border
•Is planned to connect “Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh to Leh in Ladakh” region of J&K of India
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