IAS Prelims_4

●Seafloor spreading;- ↪Is a process that occurs at mid-ocean ridges, where new oceanic crust is formed through volcanic activity ↪Age of the rocks increases as one move away from the ‘Crest’ ↪Ocean crust rocks are younger then continental rocks ●Jews Community;- ↪granted religious minority status in Maharashtra, West bengal & now Gujarat. •Important synagogues religious […]

28 JULY 2018

●Ebola virus;- ↪virus is transmitted to people from wild  animals(fatal illness in humans) •Researchers have discovered new strain of Ebola virus & named as “Bombali virus strain” ●Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF) scheme;- ↪with an aims to attracting the talent pool of the country to doctoral (Ph.D.) programs  ↪In one of IITs/IISc with a fellowship […]

27 JULY 2018

●Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018;-↪for the prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation of trafficked persons•Anti-Trafficking Units(ATUs);-↪ ATUs will deal with the prevention, rescue, and protection of victims↪Bill also provides for the setting up of ATUs at the district level. ⤴↪aggravated trafficking will be punishable (10 yrs to life imprisonment/fine MIN ₹ 1 lakh)●West […]

26 JULY 2018

●Montagu–Chelmsford Reforms(act-1919);- ↪ to introduce self-governing institutions gradually to India ↪separated central and provincial subject(transferred and ‘reserved-alone governor’)known as ‘dyarchy->double rule’ ↪also introduced bicameralism •Magna Carta of Modern India;- ↪Because The 1919 Act become the basis for GoI Act, 1919 and 1935 and ultimately of Constitution ●POSHAN Abhiyaan{MoWCD};- ↪with an aim to reduce stunting, under-nutrition, […]

25 JULY 2018

●Privilege Motion;- ↪It’s concerned with the”breach of parliamentary privilege by a minister” ↪Motion can moved by any member of either House against those being held guilty of breach of privilege •privileges committee(LS↪15 &RS↪10 members)😐 ●Committee to check mob lynching;- ↪Lynching is the practice of murder by a group by extrajudicial action •Chairman↪Union Home Secretary ‘Rajiv […]

24 JULY 2018

●National Culture Fund;-↪with an aim to inviting participation of corporate sector,NGO, private/public sector etc.for promoting, protecting and preserving India’s cultural heritage.↪was set up in 1996 under “Charitable EndowmentAct”,1890●National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM);- { by Ministry of Culture} ↪for documentation, conservation, preservation and digitization of manuscripts✍•Manuscripts;-↪Is a handwritten composition on paper, bark, cloth, metal, palm leaf etc.●Sukanya […]

23 JULY 2018

●Idate Commission;-↪to set up a permanent commission for the communities on the lines of similar commissions for SC,ST &OBC●Denotified tribes(DNT);-{vimukta jatis or ‘free/ liberated jatis}”most marginalised community”↪Are those that were labelled as criminals through a legislation by British government●Northeast gas pipeline grid project;-(under PM UGGPP⬇)↪ will connect Guwahati to the major Northeast cities and major […]

IAS Prelims_3

●Outer Space Treaty;- ↪Treaty forbids countries from deploying “Nuclear weapons or any other kind of weapons of mass destruction” in outer space ↪Initially called”Treaty on principles governing activities of states in the exploration & use of outer space including Moon & other celestial bodies ↪Around 90% Countries are member of treaty ●WRITS;- •Habeas Corpus↪eximine the […]

21 JULY 2018

●Rani- ki- vav;-↪UNESCO World Heritage site,located on the banks of Saraswati River(Patan,Gujarat)↪built by Solanki dynasty’s queen Udayamati in 11th century(in Maru-Gurjara architectural style)•RBI released new ₹100 currency with motif of ‘Rani Ki Vav’ ●Israeli Law Declares the Country the ‘Nation-State of the Jewish People'(provoking fears it could lead to blatant discrimination against Arab citizens)↪Israel has no […]

20 JULY 2018

●Nelson Mandela International Day;-(18 July)↪designated by United Nations & Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2009•’LONG WALK TO FREEDOM’↪ Nelson Mandela(18-7-1918)●Women Entrepreneurship Platform;-↪to building an ecosystem for women across India to realize & mentor their entrepreneurial aspirations.●Meghalayan age;-↪named after a stalagmite from a cavein Meghalaya that helped define climatic events 4,200 years ago,(phase continues till today)•International Union […]

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