29 December 2018

●FDI policy on e- commerce;-{by DIPP}↪E-commerce companies(like Amazon and Flipkart) will not be allowed to influence the price of a product sold on its portal by giving incentives to particular vendors↪Any vendor who purchases 25% or more of its inventory from an e-commerce group company (will be considered to be controlled by that e-commerce company) […]

UPSC IAS Prelims_26

●IMPRESS scheme;- ↪to identify and fund research proposals in social sciences with maximum impact on the governance and society. •”Indian Council of Social Science and Research (ICSSR)” is the Implementing Agency ●Biomarker;- ↪Is generally used as an indicator of Diseases in an organism ●Global Information and Early Warning System(GIEWS);- ↪was created by a committee on […]

28 December 2018

●The Lok Sabha has passed Triple talaq bill;-(New amendments⤵) 1)↪allow the magistrate to grant bail ‘after hearing the wife’(offence remains non-bailable) 2)↪police would lodge FIR only if approached by the victim (wife),her blood relations or relatives by virtue of her marriage 3)↪Now, a magistrate can use his powers to settle the dispute b/w a husband […]

27 December 2018

●National Tansen Samman;-{by MP govt.}↪Is a musical award conferred to the exponents of Hindustani music•Akbar considered Tansen as a Navaratnas (nine jewels), and gave him the title “Mian”, (an honorific, meaning learned man)◆Tansen is remembered for his epic ‘Dhrupad’ compositions [& two classic books on music “Sri Ganesh Stotra and Sangita Sara”●RBI Panel on Economic […]

26 December 2018

●GoI rejects separate time zone for NE States↪research proposed to call the two time zones IST-I (UTC +5.30 h)& IST-II (UTC +6.30 h)•Need for two time zones⤵↪In Northeast, the sun rises as early as four in the morning & in winter it sets by four in the evening↪India extends from 68°7’E to 97°25’E, with the […]

25 December 2018

●Amendments to the Information Technology (IT) Act {Section 79};-↪to crack down spread of fake news and rumours circulated on online platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.↪As per the amendment, the social media platforms will need to comply with the central government “within 72 hours” of a query●Review Of Aadhaar Verdict;-↪petition claimed that it poses a massive […]

24 December 2018

●National Mathematics Day 2018;-{22 December}↪It is observed to honor the birth anniversary of the famous mathematician “Srinivasa Ramanujan”◆Ramanujan’s home state of Tamil Nadu celebrates 22 December as ‘State IT Day’●Buddhist site museum at Lalitgiri,Cuttack in Odisha;-•Lalitgiri↪It is a major Buddhist complex in the Indian state of Odisha comprising major stupas, ‘esoteric’ Buddha images,& monasteries●Public Credit […]

UPSC IAS Prelims_25

●National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) Project;-{under the Digital India Programme} ↪It aims to bring all the legislatures of the country together by technology •Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MoPA) is the ‘Nodal Ministry’ for its implementation ◆Himachal Pradesh is already the first Digital Legislature of the country ●Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs);- ↪is a cocktail of two or […]

22 December 2018

●Beti Bachao Beti Padhao;-{launched in 2015}↪is aimed at promoting gender equality and the significance of educating girls [Improve the Child Sex Ratio]•Child Sex Ratio declined from 945 in 1991 to 927 in 2001 and further to 918 in 2011 is alarming•Child Sex Ratio is defined as number of girls per 1000 of boys b/w 0-6 […]

21 December 2018

●Government is planning to release the commemorative coin and postage stamp in memory of ‘Paika Rebellion’;-↪200-years ago in 1817, a valiant uprising of soldiers led by Buxi Jagabandhu (Bidyadhar Mohapatra) took place in Khurda of Odisha. [This is known as Paika rebellion]●Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has issued safety guidelines for “Isotretinoin”;-•Isotretinoin↪is a medication […]

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