January 15, 2020

Daily current affairs | 15 January 2020

●Classical language •Classical languages are those which are ancient, of an independent nature and not a derivative of any other tradition [High antiquity of its early texts/recorded history over a period of 1500-2000 years] ◽Currently, six languages enjoy the ‘Classical’ status: 1.Tamil (declared in 2004)【Vaṇakkam🙏!】 2. Sanskrit (2005), 【Namaskaaraha🙏!】 3. Kannada (2008), 【Namaskara🙏!】 4. Telugu (2008), 【namaskārām 🙏!】 5. Malayalam (2013)【Vanakkam🙏!】 6. Odia (2014) 【Namascāra🙏!】 [If any error please enlighten… Read More »Daily current affairs | 15 January 2020


Daily current affairs | 14 January 2020

●Indian harvest festivals •The Harvest season is on and festivities have gripped the nation from the north to down south ◽Makar Sankranti: It is a harvest festival that is celebrated across the country with different names [The festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated in Karnataka when the Sun enters the Makar zodiac and the days begin to lengthen compared to nights] ◽Pongal: In South India and particularly in Tamil… Read More »Daily current affairs | 14 January 2020