4 October 2018

● ‘Women in Detention & Access to Justice’;-{1st ever Regional Conference at Shimla}
↪to identify best practices & standards to bring out prison reforms in objective terms
•women prisoners increase – from 3.3% of all prisoners in 2000 to 4.3% in 2015
•Women are at a most disadvantageous position when it comes to their reintegration in society after release from prisons
●Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana;-
↪aims at providing “free of cost distribution of devices” to Senior Citizens, belonging to BPL category and suffering from any of the age related disability/infirmity Low vision,Hearing impairment etc.
•Scheme is fully funded by Central Govt.
• 30% of beneficiaries in each district shall be women
●Global Skills Park (GSP);-{in MP}
↪It will be the First Multi-Skills Park in India
↪campus will have training facilities focusing on skills for manufacturing, service, and advanced agricultural jobs, benefitting about 20,000 trainees & trainers
●International Court of Justice(ICJ);-
↪Is the principal judicial body of the UN. Established in 1946 
↪It has two primary functions
1)to settle legal disputes submitted by States
2) to act as an advisory board on issues submitted to it by authorized international organizations
◆ICJ has ordered US to lift sanctions on Iran that affect imports of humanitarian goods, products & services linked to the safety of civil aviation
●Udyam Abhilasha;-
↪It is a National Level Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign launched by (SIDBI) 
↪to inspire rural youth in aspirational districts(115) to be entrepreneurs by assisting them to set up their own enterprise
•campaign would create more than 800 trainers to provide entrepreneurship training to aspiring youths
●Hyperloop Transportation System(HTS);-
↪It is a transportation system where a pod-like vehicle is propelled through a near-vacuum tube connecting cities at speeds matching that of an aircraft
•Quintero One;-{32 meters long}
↪HTS unveiled its first full-scale ‘passenger capsule’ in Spain
↪Is made almost entirely out of composite material
●Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MACOT);-
↪MASCOT is a project which have the unique opportunity to study the solar system’s most primordial material directly on an asteroid(towards the Ryugu asteroid’s surface)
●National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation;-{ in Sehore District,MP}
↪Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of NIMHR
↪It will be the first of its kind in the country in the area of mental health rehabilitation
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