Benoy Badal Dinesh| benoy basu

Benoy Krishna Basu (1908–1930)|
◽Badal Gupta(1912–1930)
◽Dinesh Gupta (1911 – 1931)

•They were Bengali freedom fighter (against British rule) who is noted for launching an attack on the Secretariat Building – the Writers’ Building in the Dalhousie square in Kolkata
•Basu and his peer revolutionaries joined Bengal Volunteers – a group organised by Subhas Chandra Bose in 1928, at the occasion of Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress.
•Later, the Bengal Volunteers became a more active revolutionary association and prepared a plan of “Operation Freedom” against the police repression in Bengal, especially against the inhuman conduct with the political prisoners in different jails.
•On 8 December 1930, Dinesh, along with Benoy Basu and Badal Gupta, dressed in European costume, entered the Writers’ Building and shot dead Simpson.( Nearby police started firing at them in response)
•Soon police overpowered them. However, the three did not wish to be arrested.
Badal Gupta took Potassium cyanide, while Benoy and Dinesh shot themselves with their own revolvers.
[Benoy was taken to the hospital where he died on 13 December 1930]🇮🇳