Exercise Al Nagah III

Form 26
~A candidate in an election is required to file an affidavit called Form 26 that furnishes information on her assets, liabilities, educational qualifications, criminal antecedents (convictions and all pending cases) and public dues, if any.
•objective behind introducing Form 26 was that it would help voters make an informed decision
•Recently, the Law Ministry made it mandatory for election candidates to reveal their income-tax returns of the last five years, as well as the details of their offshore assets.
Exercise Al Nagah III
~the series of bilateral joint exercise between India and Oman 
•Exercise aims to enhance interoperability in counterterrorist operations in semi urban mountainous terrain.
~has been constituted under Legal Services Authorities Act,1987[to provide free legal services to weaker sections of society]
•NALSA organises Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes
•President Nominates Justice SA Bobde As NALSA Executive Chairman.
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