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‚óŹThermal batteries;-
↪Is a non-rechargeable, single use battery that is completely inert before being activated
↪It can be stored without requiring maintenance for 15 years
‚Ü™thermal battery provides it’s power from a reactive electro-chemical couple
‚ÄĘIndia has become home to world’s first ever  thermal battery plant(in AP)
‚óŹNational Health Accounts(NHA);-
↪Is a tool to describe health expenditures & flow of funds in both govt. & private sector in the country
↪these estimates are derived within the framework of NHA Guidelines for India
‚óŹ3D face recognition technology;-
↪Is a modality of facial recognition methods in which the 3D geometry of the human face is used
↪An important advantage of 3D face recognition is that it is not aaffected by changes in the lighting
↪Face recognition is not significantly even if the subject changes facial expressions
↪It can also identify a face from a range of viewing angles
↪Is the cost or benefit that affects a party who did not choose to incur that cost or benefit
‚ÄĘNegative externality;-
↪If we take GDP as a measure of welfare of the economy we shall be overestimating the actual welfare(example)
‚ÄĘPositive externality;-
↪Is a benefit that is enjoy by a third-party as a result of economic transaction(GDP will underestimate the actual welfare of the economy)
‚óŹBhoomi Rashi;-(Bhoomi‚Ü™Land & Rashi‚Ü™Money)
↪Is a portal developed by MoRTH & NIC
↪Comprises the entire revenue data of the country right down to the village level(about 6.4 lakh village)
↪It has been instrumental in reducing the time taken for approval & publication of notifications pertaining to land acquisition
‚óŹ15th August as independence date of india
‚Ü™okey! “date was chosen by Lord Mountbatten himself”
But because he considered date luckyūüėĀ!
‚óŹ8888 uprising;-
‚Ü™was a people’s movement that challengeed the then ruling Burma Socialist Programme Party’s grip on political, economic & social affairs which led the country into extreme poverty
↪to change of regime from an authoritarian regime to a multi-party democracy
‚óŹ’Global Atmosphere Watch’of the UN-SPIDER programme;-
↪provides information & service on atmospheric composition to the public & to decision-making related to greenhouse gases(especially CO2) are impacting the climate
‚óŹIntegrated Drought Management Programme;-{under ‘World Meteorology Organization}
↪support stakeholders at all level by providing policy & management guidance for Integrated Drought Management
‚óŹReidite & Kamacite are found on earth only in Meteorites
‚ÄĘReidite‚Ü™Is a dense form of Zircon, one of the hardiest minerals on earth
‚ÄĘKamacite‚Ü™Is an alloy of iron & Nickel
‚óŹAgulhas,Leeuwin & Equatorial counter-current are indian ocean current{Not East Australian current}
‚óŹDistricts of J&K _Anantang, Baramula &Pahalgam;-
↪are well known for production of kashmiri willow cricket bats
‚óŹThe Wood’s Despatch 1854 ;-
(Came to india with objectives)
↪to impart Western knowledge, Western culture to indians
↪to educate so that public servant can be created
↪to promote intellectual development & Vocational skills
‚óŹPolicy of “Land to the tiller”;-
‚Ü™Is based on the idea that the cultivators will take more interest {found in ‘Contract farming’}
‚óŹTropical Cyclone;-
↪Is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center
↪and a closed low-level atmospheric circulation
‚óŹThe Mekong river basin;-
↪Is a trans-boundary river in southeast asia spanning about 6 countries(China,Vietnam, Thailand,Cambodia, Myanmar &Laos)
↪Laos lies almost entirely within the lower Mekong basin
‚óŹAlliance for an Energy Efficient Economy(AEEE);-
↪Is a policy advocacy & energy efficiency market enabler with a not-for-profit motive
‚óŹGender Development Index;-
↪Measures difference b/w Male & Female in three basic dimensions of human development
‚ÄĘHealth(by life expectancy)
‚ÄĘEducation(by schooling years for adults age 25 & above
‚óŹUnited Nations Resolution 2231;-
‚Ü™Is a diplomatic efforts to reach a comprehensive long-term & proper solution to the “Iranian Nuclear issue” culminated in JCPOA
‚óŹSilicosis;-{Is a occupational hazard}
↪Is a progressive Interstitial lung disease(like cough,fever & bluish skin etc.)
↪Is a rare infection that affects the delicate membranes(that cover the brain & spinal cord)
↪Is usually caused by a viral infection but can also be bacterial or fungal{Vaccines can prevent it}
‚óŹKeynesians economists;-
‚Ü™believe that investment does not depend solely on the rate of interest but on various factors like_ “Investor’s expectations, market conditions, return on capital etc.
‚óŹWearm ocean current‚Ü™originate near the equator & move towards the poles
‚óŹTotal Factor Productivity(TFP);-
↪TFP is a part of the output not explained by the change in inputs
↪R&D,Gross Capital Formation can improve economy{NOT by increasing area of cultivable land}
‚óŹSamagra shiksha;-
↪Is an integrated scheme for school education extending support to states from pre-school to senior secondary level
‚óŹSaakshar Bharat Programme;-
↪Is to impart functional literacy to non-literate adults in age group of 15 years & above
‚óŹNational Achievement Survey(NAS);-
↪It was one of the biggest education survey conducted throughout India for classes 3,5,8 in govt. & govt. aided school
↪On the Competency based test questions
↪verification is done by third party
‚óŹAlternative Investment Funds(AIFs);-
↪Means any fund established or incorporated in india which is a privately pooled investment vehicle
↪which collects funds from sophisticated investors,whether Indian or foreigners
↪to invest largely in equity & equity-link instruments
‚óŹJet Planes flying In the sky ‚Ü™leave  white trails,or contrails in their wakes for the “same reason we sometimes see our breath”
‚óŹThe Start-up Academia Alliance;-
‚Ü™ aims to reduce the gap b/w scientific research & it’s industrial application in order to increase efficiency of the technology
‚óŹMetamorphic “Invisible hand” in economics refers to‚Ü™Forces of free market
‚óŹSilicon & Oxygen are common elements in all types of ‘Feldspar’
‚óŹPyroxene‚Ü™consist of Ca,Al,Mg,Fe & Si and form 10% of earth’s crust
↪It is green or black colour
‚óŹGreenhouse earth;-
↪Is the period in which there are no continental glaciers
‚óŹIce-house earth;-
↪Is the period when earth experienced an Ice age
‚óÜGreenhouse earth & Ice-house earth are two dominated climates states for last millions of years
‚óŹEvidence found on Mars indicate to a possibility of water;-
‚Ü™Signatures of hydrated minerals on slope of “Martial hills” near stonesūüėĀ
↪Spectral characteristics consistent with chloride minerals deposits on mars
‚óŹGreenhouse gases present in atmosphere due to natural activities are ;-
‚Ü™CFC,NO2(nitrous oxide),water vapour, O3(ozone)  NOT Methane
‚óŹHybrid regimes;-
‚Ü™most likely found in “Developing countries with poor participatory governance
↪because election take place and citizens are cut off from knowledge about democracy
‚óŹHavana charter led to establishment of “International Trade Organization(ITO)” in 1948
‚óŹBretton wood’s conference-1944 led to establishment of “International Institutions for Monetary policy”
‚óŹSec-8 of RTI act,2005 ;-
↪Exemption from disclosure of Information
‚óŹGlobal Innovation Index(GII);-
‚Ü™Is released by “Cornell University, INSEAD & WIPO
‚ÄĘIndia’s rank ‚§Ķ
‚óŹEnvironmental Performance Index;-
‚Ü™Is released by “World Economic Forum(WEF)”
‚óŹCHEOS;-(from China)
‚Ü™to construction of “Hingh Resolution earth Observations”
‚óŹTerm”Dual-Gap analysis”;-
‚Ü™Is used when ‘Demand for investment & availability of domestic and foreign capital
↪It consist two pan
1)Saving gap(I~S. ↪Investment~Saving)
2)Trade gap (M~X)
↪are generally the concluding portion of several Brahamanas
↪Aranyakas are written for Rigveda,Samaveda,Shukla Yajurveda &Krishna Yajurveda ONLY
‚ÄĘNOT for Atharvaveda
↪for advancing research in high education institutions
‚óŹBanks Board Bureau(BBB);-
↪to improve governance at state Owen lenders
*answer should be ‘D'(all correct) Q-94
‚óŹSalween or Thanlwin river;-
↪flow from Tibetan plateau into Andaman sea in South east asia
‚Ü™Is premier festival of new harvest of “the Poumai community in Manipur”

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