July ‘Quick Revision’ 2018

●216-feet-tall statue of Ramanuja;-(Hyderabad)
 ->become the world’s second tallest sitting statue after the Great Buddha of Thailand(302-feet)
->Hindu theologian, philosopher, and one of the most important exponents of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition
->His philosophical foundations for devotionalism were influential to the Bhakti movement
●India gets its 37th WORLD UNESCO World HERITAGE SITE;-
•37th site-> Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensemble(Mumbai)
*29 Cultural, 7 Natural & 1 Mixed sites.
●Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES);-
->It is a UN registered international and inter-governmental institution
->managed by its 48 members for user-relevant early warning services 
●Space force(by US);-
-> Is a military branch that conducts space warfare. 
●Agni-V;-{5,000 KM}
->India’s longest-range ballistic missile
->It is a surface-to-surface missile
●Asian ministerial conference for disaster risk reduction (AMCDRR);-
->motive of such conference was to mitigate the disaster risks.
●Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030);-
-> is an international Treaty that was approved by UN member states in March 2015 at Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Sendai,Japan
●Hubble Space Telescope;-
->is a space telescope that was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990 and remains in operation
->was built by the United States space agency NASA ,European Space Agency
●Golden Globe Race (GGR);-{ is a boat race}
->uniqueness of the race is that boat designs and technology newer than 1968 is not permitted, 
●GST day-> 1st July
●Kalidas Samman:
->It is a prestigious arts award presented annually by MP govt.
●Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI);-
->Is an independent banking industry watchdog that protects consumers of banking services in India
->under the Societies Registration Act, 1860

●Assam’s National Register of Citizens;-
->to identify illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and recognise the Indian citizens in Assam
●Census of India;-(Mo Home Affairs)
->data of Census-2021 will be stored electronically
•first complete census->1881(beginning in 1872)
•Ain-e-Akbari;-{Akbar 1556-1605)
->administrative report on population, industry etc
●Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP);-
->to educate citizens, electors and voters about the electoral process
->National Voters’ Day -> 25 JAN
●Nipah Virus;-
->Is a disease transmitted from animals to humans
->Currently, there are no vaccines for it
●Asia Pacific Trade Agreement;-{previously known Bangkok Agreement}
->It is the oldest preferential trade agreement Asia-Pacific region
->aims to promote economic development through trade
*seven members;-(Wikipedia)
->Bangladesh, China, India, Lao PDR, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka & Mongolia
->only operational trade agreement linking China and India
●Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB);-
->hear and resolve the appeals against registrar under “Trademarks Act, 1999 and the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.
•HQ-> Chennai
●Kudankulam power plant;-(Tirunelveli,TN);-
->It is the single largest nuclear power station in India
•Pressurized water reactors (PWRs);-
-> Is a light water reactor
->France operates many PWRs to generate the bulk of its electricity.⚽

●#Consult UPSC;-
-> for selecting Police Chiefs{DGP or Police Commissioner👮}
* good but not enough,It should be for all IAS,IPS officers! ____ Shouldn’t?
●Behdienkhlam Festival;-
->is a major festival to invoke the gods for a bumper harvest and drive away plague in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya
•’Pnar’-> people who believe in faith of ‘Niamtre’ or Hinduism observe this festival.
●Payments Council of India;-
->to promote payments industry growth & support our national goal of ‘Cash to Less Cash Society’ and ‘Growth of Financial Inclusion
•The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI);-
-> to expand and enhance the online and mobile value added services sectors
->not-for-profit industry body 
●Happiness Curriculum;-(Delhi govt.)
->happiness period” of 45 minutes and five minutes of meditation before each class.
:or| meditation,mental exercises etc.
●Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC);-
-> is a statutory body under Mo MSME
-> to promote&development of khadi and village industries
●National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST);-
->NCST was established by 89th Amendment Act, 2003 adding new Art- 338A(from Art 338)
->People from N-E (Tripura,Assam, Manipur,Mizoram)
●United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP);-
->monitors the ceasefire in the disputed area of J&K
●Global Mobility Summit;-
-> help to drive Government’s goals for vehicle electrification, renewable energy
->mobile app launched by ECI(election ..)
->to report on violation of election code of conduct.
●Fighter aircraft Tejas;-
->is a single-seat, single-jet engine & multirole light fighter

●Delhi Vs Centre: SC observations;-
-> L-G is bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers
->difference of opinion-> President decision
->*discretionary powers(L-G) are limited to public order, police and land{state list}
•Art 239 AA->Special provisions w.r.t delhi as above *
●Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA);-
-> to provide additional funds for research and related infrastructure
•Revitalizing Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE);-
->will provide ₹1lakh Cr loan to IIT,NIT etc.(next 4 yr)
●DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2018;-
->only be used for identification of the person(DNA data). to solve crimes cases.
●Common Services Centers (CSCs);-
-> To spread Digital India programme.like
‘DBT’ for various scheme
●Minimum Support Prices (MSPs);-
->pre-announced price for crops.
->Is declared by govt. every year before the sowing season.
●World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties;-
->to extend the protection of copyrights contained therein to the digital environment
->is one of the 17 specialized agencies of the United Nations
Total members->188(including India)
HQ-> Geneva, Switzerland
●Agartala Airport, Tripura -> Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Kishore Airport, Agartala(renamed)
●Khan Prahari(Mobile App);-
->reporting any activity taking place related to illegal coal mining.

●Special Category Status(SCS);-{11 states}
->SCS is granted by the National Development Council (NDC)
•benefits->90% grants and 10% loans while for normal states these are 70 and 30 respectively etc.
●Special status is guaranteed by the Constitution of India through an Act.{Art-371 to 371J}
◆Special Status empowers legislative and political rights while Special Category Status deals only with economic, administrative and financial aspects
●Legalize Gambling;-
->government recommending “cashless” gambling in sports
●Bharat stage-emission standards (BS-ES);-
-> are to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engines 
•upgrading from BS-III to BS- IV
->to tackle air pollution. 
● Parker solar probe:(NASA)
-> revolutionize our understanding of the sun
-> to trace how energy and heat move through the solar corona
●PAT (pad abort test);-(ISRO)
-> is the first in a series of tests to qualify a crew escape system technology
•Crew Escape System;-
-> emergency escape from astronaut cabin
●National Board for Wildlife (NBWL),2003;- ->is a statutory Board under Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972
->chaired by PM(modi)
● Sambal’ scheme;-(MP govt.)
->BPL families would be provided electricity at a cost of 200 rupees per month

●National Green Tribunal (NGT);-
-> for environmental protection ….
•strength[20]->10 expert and 10 judicial members
• Chairman->Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel
●CJI as ‘Master of the Roster;-
->Master of the Roster’ refers to the privilege of the Chief Justice to constitute Benches to hear cases(first among equals)
● National Health Stack;-
->seeks to employ latest technology & promote wellness
->bring down the costs of health protection, to ensure a cashless experience for the poorest beneficiaries
● 800 IAS officers for village outreach;-
->to ensure ground implementation of seven flagship social welfare schemes in
117 “aspirational districts” by Independence Day.(Saubhagya,Ujjwala,jan dhan,Jeevan Jyoti Bima,Suraksha Bima,Ujala scheme &Mission Indradhanush.)
● National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM);-
-> facilitates business and trade in software and services
->non-profit organisation.
->opened a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Data Science &AI in Bangalore
●Mattala Airport;-
->Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport in Hambantota(Sri Lanka)
->India has agreed to form a joint venture with Sri Lanka
-> It is world’s emptiest airport” (due to a lack of flights.)

●17th World Sanskrit Conference ;-(Vancouver, Canada);-
->scholars and delegates exchange their knowledge on over a dozen topics like; History & Education of Women in Vedic Literature; Sanskrit Buddhist Manuscripts etc. 
•Time interval->3 years
•1st World Sanskrit Conference,1972->New Delhi
●Simultaneous elections;-
-> were held upto 1968(after independence)
●Law Commission of India;-
-> Is an executive body, work for legal reform.
•1st Law Commission -> 1834 by the Charter Act of 1833. 
•1st L C of independent India-> 1955 ( three-year term)
->is a toxic, colourless solution(derived by dissolving formaldehyde gas in water)
->fish have tested positive for formalin
->Formalin causes irritation in the eyes, throat, skin and stomach , cancer etc.
● currency derivatives;-
->is a futures contract to exchange one currency for another(₹<=>$….)
-> India is planning to enter into currency derivatives segment.
●Einstein’s Theory of Relativity;-
-> Speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels.
•The Shapiro delay;-(Prediction)
-> Light appears to slow down when it passes close to a massive object
•Gravitational waves-> first observed on 14 September 2015

●Jewish community;-
->one of the first foreign religions to arrive in India(3500 year ago)
•granted religious minority status;- 
->West Bengal, Maharashtra & now ‘Gujarat’
●Six religious Minority communities;-
-> Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroastrians (Parsis) and Jains 
-> Constitution doesn’t define ‘Minority’
•SC/ST -> Not Minority
●Institutions of Eminence;-(MoHRD)
->aims to project Indian institutes to global recognition
•Six Institutions selected by Govt.
°Public sector;-
-> IISc,IITD(delhi),IIT Mumbai
°Private sector;-
->1)Jio Institute, Pune .2) Birla Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajasthan 3)Manipal Academy,Karnataka.
●Global Housing Construction Technology Challenge;-
-> challenge aims to provide more dynamism to PMAY-U Scheme.
●Asian Development Bank (ADB);-(1966)
-> It aims to facilitate economic development of countries in Asia & Pacific
Total members->67【48 from asia & Pacific 】
•Voting power;-
°Japan->15.67% , US ->15.56%.
China->6.47% , India->6.36%.
●GRACE- FO mission;-(by NASA &German Research Centre )
->measure variations in gravity over Earth’s surface
●Pak Spy Satellites;-(launched by China)
->mainly used to send satellites into low Earth or Sun-synchronous orbits
•It includes 
->It is China’s first optical remote sensing satellite sold to Pakistan
->It is Pakistan’s indigenously developed scientific experiment satellite 
●India Tourism Mart;-
->Is a leading platform for the international travel community to come together and showcase existing products

●Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2018;-
->It amends certain laws related to rape of minors
•New Punishment;-
° Rape(below 12yr)-> 20yr to life Imprisonment【LI】
°Gang Rape(below 12yr)-> LI or death
°Rape(below 16yr)->20yr to LI
°Gang Rape(below 16 yr)->LI 
°Rape(women)->10yr(from 7yr)
●Eat Right Movement;–> aims to cut down salt/sugar and oil consumption by 30% in three years(Eat Healthy’ and ‘Eat Safe’)🍉
●The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI);-{MoHFW}->established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006
->for regulation of food products
•Chairperson -> rank of Secretary from Govt.of India. •HQ->Delhi
●India- Korea Technology Exchange Centre;-{in New Delhi}-> aim to create a platform for MSME of India and Korea
● National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC) ;-{MoMSME}->to promote, aid and foster the growth of MSME in the country
●Ease of Doing Business Ranking of States;–> released by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Mo Commerce & Industry.
•Top ranker->Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Haryana
•Delhi ->23rd( against 16th in 2016)
•Karnataka-> 8th (against 13th in 2016.)
●Marshall Islands;-{have more than 1,200 islands}->It is a country in the central Pacific Ocean near Kiribati
●World’s largest mobile phone factory(Samsung);->opened In the industrial city of Noida,UP
●Lonely Planet’s top five “2018 Best in Asia” list–>10 of the best destinations to visit in the continent for the year
•Busan->South Korea,•Ho Chi Minh City->Vietnam, •Western Ghats->India.

●World Population day;-{11 July}
->aims to spread awareness on issues such as overpopulation,birth control etc. since 1989
•theme-> “Family Planning is a Human right” 
●Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention;-
->will be launched at the 150th anniversary of M K Gandhi in ‘gujarat’
-> to “showcase its performance” and “success story” in the Swachh Bharat programme in the past four years
●Target Olympic Podium Scheme (Mo Sport);-
->to provide training at institutes having world class facilities for upcoming Olympic Games.
●Net neutrality{approved by Telecom Commission};-
->aims to ensure that all web traffic is treated fairly(google or insights)
●Resolution 2427(UNSC);-
->Is aimed at further crystalizing the protection of children in armed conflicts
●European Bank for Reconstruction & Development(EBRD);-
-> to improve investment climate in the country etc.
->India joined EBRD as 69th shareholder
●largest area under GM crops;-
1st->US(soyabean, maize, cotton etc.)
5th ->India(cotton)
●Global Innovation Index( 2018);-
->jointly released by Cornell University, INSEAD and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
->It analyses the energy innovation(energy production, storage etc.)
•Performance of India;-
->57th rank(2018){among 130 countries}
->60th rank (2017)
->81st rank(2015)
•Switzerland is top ranker Since 2011

●Section 497(IPC);-
->If a man has sexual intercouse with another’s wife without the husband’s consent or connivance .
->he will be guilty of offence of adultery
•Justice Malimath Committee;- 
->suggested to make section 497 gender-neutral.
●About 132 million girls worldwide aged 6 to 17 do not attend school☹
●Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA);-
-> to study international relations and foreign affairs
•Ex-officio President of ICWA-> M. Venkaiah Naidu(V P)
•Dr. TCA Raghavan ->new Director General
●world’s largest economies;-
•1)US-> $19.39 trillion
•2)China-> $12.24 trillion
•3)Japan-> $4.87 trillion
4) Germany-> $3.68 trillion
5) Britain-> $2.62 trillion
6)India-> $2.597 trillion (PPP- $7,060)
7) France->$2.582 trillion (PPP- $43,720)
Is a family of read-out chips for particle imaging and detection
->Using Medipix technique New Zealand scientists have performed “First-Ever Colour X-Ray On A Human”
●Nilgiri Tahr ;-
•IUCN status->Endangered
• State animal -> Tamil Nadu
->It is listed in Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972
●Amma’ canteens -> Tamil Nadu
•Anna’ canteens ->Andhra pradesh
->offer breakfast, lunch and dinner at Rs 5 a meal

●article 80;-
•Maximum strength of RS↪250(presently 245 =>233+12)
•12 members is nominated by president(on advice of PM)
•nominated member is to join a political party within 6 months
•they have a right to vote in Vice- president election( not in president election)
● (Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and Mobiles)JAM trinity ;-
↪to link Jan Dhan accounts, Mobile numbers and Aadhar cards of Indians to plug the leakages of government subsidies
●World Customs Organization (WCO);-
↪with mission to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations(182) across the global{that process approximately 98% of world trade}
↪India has become the Vice-Chair (Regional Head) of the Asia Pacific Region of WCO.
●IFFCO iMandi( e-commerce platform)
↪is one stop shop for agri inputs and produce, FMCG, electronics, loans, insurance etc.(has features like buy or sell)
●Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO);-
↪Is large scale fertiliser cooperative federation in India which is registered as “Multistate Cooperative Society”{wholly owned by Indian Cooperatives}
●The Jute Foundation(TJF);-
↪Is trying to address issues to pertaining environment-friendly product
● I-CARE programme(by National Jute Board &Jute Corporation of India);-✍
↪is planning to introduce a pilot project on retting technologies aimed at increasing farmers’ returns
●Bansagar canal project(Mirzapur,UP);-
↪is a joint venture between MP, UP and Bihar.{on Sone River}
●Right of First Refusal (ROFR);-
↪If first party declines to enter into a transaction, Owner is free to make deal with other interested parties
↪Is a contractual right & only incentive to the Indian flag.
●Sangita Kalanidhi award.↪for contribution to Carnatic music.
●Golden Jackal;-
↪Is a wolf-like canid that is native to Europe, South-west-east Asia.
•conservation status->‘least concern’

●Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA);-
↪ Is a statutory & nodal body for adoption of Indian children{under MoWCD)
●Hague Convention;-
↪ protects children and their families against the risks of illegal, irregular, ill-prepared adoptions at international level.
●Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015;-
↪To strengthened provisions for both children in need of care and protection and children in conflict with law.
●Assam Bill against witch-hunt;-
↪ imprisonment up to seven years along with a fine up to Rs 5 lakh
•Witch-hunt↪punish a particular group of people who are being blamed for something
●National Database of Arms Licenses system;-
↪aimed at keeping tab on authorised private gun holders by issuing Unique Identification Number (UIN) etc.☺
●Global compact for migration;-
↪To Better Manage International Migration,not legally binding.
↪migrants account 3% of world population & contribute 10% global GDP

●BrahMos missile;-
↪name taken from two rivers – Brahmaputra and Moskva.
↪Is the heaviest weapon to be deployed on India’s Su-30 fighter aircraft
↪ joint venture b/w DRDO & NPOM of Russia.
●Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP);-
↪provide a precise atom-by-atom view of materials.(insights into metallic)
.↪Is claimed to be world’s first remotely operable LEAP microscope{by IIT Madras)
●Petcoke(petroleum coke);-
↪Is cheaper and burns hotter than coal
↪contains 17 times more sulfur than the limit set for coal(increasing air pollution)


●Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018;-
↪Bill addresses invisible crime affecting the vulnerable persons especially women and children{forced labour, begging, trafficking of a woman or child etc.}
•punishment↪ minimum (10 years or ₹1 lakh)
●National Service Scheme (NSS);-
↪programme aims to inculcate social welfare in students
•Motto↪ “NOT ME, BUT YOU”
●National Cadet Corps (NCC);-
↪Is a youth development movement
↪Tri-Services Organization( Army, Navy & Air Force)
↪engaged youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens.
↪It assist developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices
↪Is a member of the United Nations Development Group
•HQ↪Gigiri near Nairobi(Kenya)
↪for electronic toll collection of all commercial vehicles
↪It is a device that uses “Radio Frequency Identification”
•validity↪ 5 years(after that needs recharge)
●Bureau of Civil Aviation Security(BCAS);-
↪ regulatory authority for civil aviation security in India(security of civil flights at India& International level)
•soft kill” approach;-
↪not destroy unmanned aircraft(within 5 km radius of an airport & 50 km from an international border were baned)
●Nelson Mandela International Day;-(18 July)
↪designated by United Nations & Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2009
•’LONG WALK TO FREEDOM’↪ Nelson Mandela(18-7-1918)
●Women Entrepreneurship Platform;-
↪to building an ecosystem for women across India to realize & mentor their entrepreneurial aspirations.
●Meghalayan age;-
↪named after a stalagmite from a cave
in Meghalaya that helped define climatic events 4,200 years ago,(phase continues till today)
•International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS);-
↪Is an international NGO devoted to geology,has officially accepted new phase
●RS can’t move adjournment motion, censure motion or no-confidence motion
↪Constitution doesn’t define “no-confidence motion”
●Samagra Shiksha Scheme;-{MoHRD}
↪For all-round development of school children(primary to 12th)
•Padhe Bharat- Badhe Bharat↪ an initiative to promote reading culture among students(under SS scheme⬆)
●Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2013
↪to combat corruption in government agencies and public sector & punishes public servants involved in corruption or bribery
●Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill;-
↪aims to curb practice of evading the criminal prosecution by economic offenders
•Economic offenders↪those against whom a legal warrant has been issued, but they refuse to adhere(like Nirav modi)
●Ganga Vriksharopan Abhiyan;-
↪to bringing awareness among people regarding importance of afforestation(UK, UP, Bihar,JH &WB)

●Rani- ki- vav;-
↪UNESCO World Heritage site,located on the banks of Saraswati River(Patan,Gujarat)
↪built by Solanki dynasty’s queen Udayamati in 11th century(in Maru-Gurjara architectural style)
•RBI released new ₹100 currency with motif of ‘Rani Ki Vav’ 
●Israeli Law Declares the Country the ‘Nation-State of the Jewish People'(provoking fears it could lead to blatant discrimination against Arab citizens)
↪Israel has no constitution but Basic Laws have constitutional status
●Student Police Cadet Programme;-
↪ programme seeks to build a bridge b/w Police & larger community through school students(focuses on students of class 8 & 9 in govt.school)
●Global slavery Index 2018;-
↪published by ” Walk Free Foundation”(Australia)
↪on specific legal concepts( like forced labour,forced marriage, human trafficking etc.)
↪India ranked 53(Among 167 countries)

●Delhi Dialogue;-(10th edition held in New Delhi)
↪Is an annual event to discuss politico-security, economic and socio-cultural engagement between India and ASEAN
•Theme↪“Strengthening India-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation”
●Solar Park Scheme;-
↪to set up number of solar parks across various states in the country generally capacity above 500 MW.(Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & RJ have topped list)
●National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research;-{previously known as ‘National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research’ (NCAOR)
↪to establish new observation systems, according to source
•situated in Vasco, Goa😌

●Idate Commission;-
↪to set up a permanent commission for the communities on the lines of similar commissions for SC,ST &OBC
●Denotified tribes(DNT);-{vimukta jatis or ‘free/ liberated jatis}”most marginalised community”
↪Are those that were labelled as criminals through a legislation by British government
●Northeast gas pipeline grid project;-(under PM UGGPP⬇)
↪ will connect Guwahati to the major Northeast cities and major load centers. 
●PM Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project;-
↪aims to provide piped cooking gas to residents of UP,Bihar, JH,WB
●Public Affairs Index (PAI);-
↪Is released by Bengaluru base “Public Affairs Centre” (PAC)
↪aims to improve governance in India
•Larger states:
↪Kerala tops the list followed by TN,Telangana, KN,GJ
↪MP is lowest followed by JH,Bihar
•Smaller states(<2 Cr population)
↪HP tops the list followed by Goa,Mizo,Sikkim,Tripura
↪Naga, Mani,&Meghalaya were bottom
●International Solar Alliance(ISA);-
↪ Paris Declaration establishes ISA to promotion of solar energy among its member countries{Myanmar became 68th member}
•HQ↪Grugram, Haryana
●Scientific Research Infrastructure Management and Networks (SRIMAN);-
↪transform scientific instruments in government labs into lucrative assets generating a steady rental income
•Govt. Proposed ‘Rent-a-lab’ policy to bring revenues to these institutions
● ‘Remote Sensing Toolkit’;-
↪aim to make it easier for users to find, analyse and utilise the relevant satellite data for their research & promote commercial use of satellite data.
↪launched by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
●SAFAR (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting);-
↪to provide location-specific information on air quality in near real time(for metropolitan cities)
{Uder ‘Ministry of Earth Sciences’ developed by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)}
●Odisha police launch drive to bust Pangolin smuggling racket;-
↪Pangolin is only scaly mammal on the planet(2 Species out of 8 found in India)
•IUCN status↪Endangered
●India-assisted ambulance service launched in Sri Lanka;-
↪Is the largest Indian grant project in Sri Lanka after Indian housing project

●Privilege Motion;-
↪It’s concerned with the”breach of parliamentary privilege by a minister”
↪Motion can moved by any member of either House against those being held guilty of breach of privilege
•privileges committee(LS↪15 &RS↪10 members)😐
●Committee to check mob lynching;-
↪Lynching is the practice of murder by a group by extrajudicial action
•Chairman↪Union Home Secretary ‘Rajiv Gauba’
•Lynching should be a “separate offence”↪Supreme Court
●Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2018;-
↪ Punishment for both bribe givers and takers
↪Minimum punishment of 3 yrs to 7 yrs with fine(earlier 6 months to 3 yrs)
●Girinka Programme;-
↪poorest residing in region get cows from Govt. and gift first female calf to neighbour to promote brotherhood
↪to providing dairy cow to poor and transforms livelihoods,improving agricultural productivity etc.
●Inter-Creditor Agreement (ICA);-
↪to speed up the resolution of stressed assets of Rs 50 crore and above
↪agreement has a standstill clause( contains provisions that how a bidder of a company can purchase, dispose of the target company)
●World’s fastest man-made spinning object;-
↪developed by synthesised a tiny dumbbell from silica
↪ help in study quantum mechanics
↪spinning dumbbell functions as a rotor, and a vibrating dumbbell(functions like an instrument for measuring tiny forces and torques & known as a torsion balance)
●Rwanda and Uganda are landlocked countries & share boarder with each other
↪Uganda has boarder with “Lake Victoria” & “Lake Albert”.And Equator also passes through Uganda

●Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018;-
↪for the prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation of trafficked persons
•Anti-Trafficking Units(ATUs);-
↪ ATUs will deal with the prevention, rescue, and protection of victims
↪Bill also provides for the setting up of ATUs at the district level. ⤴
↪aggravated trafficking will be punishable (10 yrs to life imprisonment/fine MIN ₹ 1 lakh)
●West Bengal as “Bangla”! ;-
↪WB govt. passed resolution to change state’s name to ‘Bangla’ in all three languages (Bengali, Hindi & English)
↪because speakers’ lists at national-level meeting are prepared according to alphabetical order of the states 👏
↪bill must be passed by a simple majority in parliament to become a law
●10th BRICS Summit-2018(in Johannesburg S Africa);-{2nd times)
•Theme↪ “BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution”
•New establishment;-
↪a Working Group on Peacekeeping.
↪a Vaccine Research Centre
↪a BRICS Gender and Women’s Forum 
↪a BRICS Tourism Track of Cooperation
●FDI Confidence Index;-
↪released by “global consultancy firm A T Kearney”
↪Is an annual survey of the business executives that ranks countries which are likely to attract the most FDI in the next three years
↪US topped followed by Canada,Germany
•India ranked ↪11th(2018), 8th(2017)&9th(2016)
●Innovate India Platform;-
↪It aims to serve as the common point for all the innovation happening across the nation
↪launched by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog & MyGov
•Atal Innovation Mission (AIM);-
↪ to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country
●National Waterways Act 2016;-
↪ declared 106 new waterways as national waterways (NWs)
°Operational Waterways in N-E⤵
•Subansiri River (NW-95)↪Assam
•Lohit River (NW-62)↪Assam & Arunachal Pradesh
•Gangadhar River(NW-38)↪Assam&WB
•Simsang River (NW-93)↪Meghalaya etc.
●Kargil Vijay Diwas(26 JULY );-🇮🇳
↪named after the success of Operation Vijay, in 26 July 1999
↪India successfully took command of the high outposts which had been lost to Pakistani intruders 
●Ramon Magsaysay Award;-
↪celebrates greatness of spirit and transformative leadership in Asia(selfless service has offered their societies, Asia, and the world )
↪Two indian ‘Bharat Vatwani’ and ‘Sonam Wangchuk’ are among six declared winners of 2018
↪It is Asia’s highest honour and is often regarded as the region’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize

●Ebola virus;- View — uploads.disquscdn.com 
↪virus is transmitted to people from wild 
animals(fatal illness in humans)
•Researchers have discovered new strain of Ebola virus & named as “Bombali virus strain”
●Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF) scheme;-
↪with an aims to attracting the talent pool of the country to doctoral (Ph.D.) programs 
↪In one of IITs/IISc with a fellowship of ₹70k to ₹80k per month
↪now open to all(not limited to candidates from IISc, IITs, NITs, IIEST and IISERs)
●Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC);-
↪Is a broad gauge corridor under construction that will connect Delhi & Mumbai, the national and business capitals of India
↪Indian Railways set to get its first DFC on 15 AUG( b/w Dadri in UP and Phulera in Rajasthan)
•Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC);-
↪will connect ‘Golden Quadrilateral'{Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai,Kolkata}
●Draft of Data Protection Bill;-
↪to define the legal boundaries of the use of personal data(like- right to privacy ,right to restrict,right to be forgotten etc.)
↪Right to Privacy is not a fundamental right in Australia
●World Meteorological Organization (WMO);-
↪Is a specialized agency of the United Nations
↪for basic weather, climate and water services are made available to anyone who needs them(total members->191)
•HQ↪Geneva, Switzerland
●Mission Satyanishtha;-{by Indian Railway}
↪with an aims to sensitizing all railway employees(to understand the need and value of ethics in Personal and Public life)🙏
What a Baarish🌧↪No Newspaper/No Electricity & 📴

● Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) ;-
↪lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow.(Earth comes b/w the sun and moon)
↪moon gives off no light and is only visible because it reflects the light of the sun.
↪also called a Blood moon due to its red colour
●Domestic Council for Gold ;-
↪to aid exports of jewellery and to create an ecosystem to harness the true potential for jewellery-making in the country
●Manipur People’s Protection Bill, 2018 ↪seeks to regulate the entry and exit of “outsiders” on the lines of the British-era inner-line permit system
↪all those citizens of India who have been living in Manipur before 1951 are Manipuris(include Meitis,Pangal Muslims, ST as listed under the Constitution)
●The Inner Line Permit (ILP);-
↪Is an official travel document issued to grant inward travel of an Indian citizen into a protected area in N-E states(Currently operational in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland)
●National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme;-
↪aims at both prevention and treatment of hepatitis(causes of liver cancer, cirrhosis of liver & acute liver failure etc.)
•Hepatitis ↪Is an inflammation of the liver

●DigiYatra Initiative;-
↪to use digital technology to enhance air passenger experience all the way from ticket booking to airport entry check, security check and aircraft boarding
↪Is an industry-led initiative coordinated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (under Digital India programme)
●Mukhyanmantri Kissan Aaye Badhotri Solar Yojna;-{by delhi govt.}
↪farmers in the national capital will be able to lease out a part(not more than one-third of his land to a private firm)of their agricultural land for setting up of solar panels 
●Naturalized species;-
↪An intentionally or unintentionally introduced species that has adapted to and reproduces successfully in its new environment or
↪a non-native organism or species spreads into the wild by any process
↪Tamil Nadu has the highest number of naturalised exotics(332) followed by kerala
●Arsenic contamination;-
↪Is a form of groundwater pollution which is often due to naturally occurring high concentrations of arsenic in deeper levels of groundwater
●Hostess;-(The all-woman hotel),Thiruvananthapuram,kerala
↪is the first such initiative from a government institution in the country.
●National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System-II (NASAMS-II);-
↪Is a distributed and networked medium to long range air-defence system of US
↪India is in talks with US to procure NASAMS-II

●Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2018
↪seeks to amend IPC,CrPC,the Evidence Act, & Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act
↪to introduce a new provision of crimes punishment of death.
•New Punishment;-
° Rape(below 12yr)-> 20yr to life Imprisonment【LI】
°Gang Rape(below 12yr)-> LI or death
°Rape(below 16yr)->20yr to LI
°Gang Rape(below 16 yr)->LI 
°Rape(women)->10yr(from 7yr)
●Central Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF);-
↪budget 2018 has amended the Central Road Fund Act, 2000 & has renamed the Central Road Fund as “CRIF”
↪to finance other infrastructure projects like waterways,railway,education institutions etc.
•Central Road Fund(CRF);- {launched in 2000}
↪Is basically a cess imposed along with excise duty on petrol and diesel
◆Now administrative control of CRIF has been transferred to Department of Economic Affairs (DEA)
●National Register of Citizens (NRC);-
↪address the issue of illegal migrants in Assam, specifically from Bangladesh
•Who is a citizen in Assam??????
↪all Indian-origin people who came from Bangladesh before January 1, 1966 to be deemed as citizens
↪Those who came b/w JAN 1,1966 & March 25, 1971 were eligible for citizenship(after living 10 years)
•D-voter;-( ‘dubious’ or ‘doubtful,) 
↪voters disenfranchised for alleged lack of proper citizenship documents
●Deep Ocean Mission;-
↪focus of the mission will be on deep-sea mining,ocean climate change advisory services, underwater vehicles etc.
↪To boost India’s Sea Exploration Capabilities.
•Central Indian Ocean Basin (CIOB);-
↪ contain deposits of metals like iron, manganese, nickel and cobalt(India has allotted 75,000 sq km reserve by UN “International Sea Bed Authority”
* Not 1,50,000 sq km{ THE HINDU ↪31-July-2018(corrections & clarifications)}Insights☑
●International Tiger Day;-( 29 July)
↪to raise awareness for tiger conservation
•M-STrIPES (Monitoring System for Tigers – Intensive Protection and Ecological Status);-
↪a mobile monitoring system for forest guards.{launched by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) }
•popular slogan ‘T X 2’ ↪to double Tigers in the wild
●India’s first Mobile Open Exchange zone;- {Noida,UP}
↪It brings infrastructure service providers, handset manufacturers, mobile content, retailers and distributors etc. at one place

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