IAS Prelims_1

●Arctic greening;-
->effects of global warming in the Arctic region(CO2 fertilization effect)
●Regulating act(1773);-
-> to control & regulate the affair of EIC(east  ..)
-> established Supreme court at calcutta(1774)
●Pitt’s India act(1784);-
->to rectify the defect of regulating act
●GOI act-1858;-
->enacted in the wake of  ‘Revolt of 1857‘(1st war of independence or sepoy mutiny)
->abolished EIC &transferred the power of govt. to British Crown
●China Pakistan Economic Corridor;-
->a collection of infrastructure projects that are currently under construction throughout Pakistan(Gwadar )to China(Xinjiang)
->provide alternative &short route to energy import form middle east asia
->reduce Chinese dependence on straits of Malacca and South china sea
-> Is a disease, transmissible from animal to human
->create obstacles to international trade animal products
->It may be’ viral, bacteria, parasitic etc.
-> settling disputes(avoid war)
•Dove or Dovish;-
->people who seeks to avoid war against opposition(Hawk)
●Avadi session of Indian National Congress(INC),1955;-(J.Nehru,..)
->to established socialist pattern of society
->when we learn to rule ourselves
->one’s self respect(not sacrificing oneself)
●Karakoram pass;-
->In Siechen glacier{b/w J&K and Xinjiang(China)} near Kargil
●Alladi krishnaswamy Aiyar->Advocate general of Madras(member of drafting committee)
●Liberalised remittance Scheme;-
->all resident individuals can freely remit money in every financial year
->remittances can’t be sent for trading on the Foreign Exchange Markets
●GOI-act 1919;-
->to introduce responsible govt. in British india
●Tashkent Agreement;-
->peaceful agreement b/w india& pakistan,1966.  
->To resolved indo-pak war –1965
●Black sea;-
->touch boarder with (TURbg).
*Russia touch both Black sea & Caspian sea
● India declared Sovereign states;-
->15 AUG 1947
●1st indian budget;-
->Feb 1969 by Jemes wilson
->1st Union Budget(independent)->26 NOV 1947 by R.K Shanmugham
●*Constitution usually doesn’t serve;-
ans-> Distribution of economic resources within the population.    ___?
● Trachoma(eye disease);-

-> Nepal eliminated this(WHO)
●The Long Walk to freedom ;-
->autobiography of Nelson Mandela
●Command Economy;-
->where govt.decide what to produced(goods)
->Not an ideology of Liberalism
●Parliament alone can redraw political map of india(without amendment)
●Bru tribes->Tripura, Mizoram, Assam, Manipur
●Charter act of 1833;-
->Governor-General of Bengal(Lord Warren Hastings) to Governor General of india(William Bentick)
●World Bank ;-
->serve trustee of Global Environment Facility(GEF)
●Women in prison report->MowCD
●RemoveDebris->European Union
●Globular Cluster->can be seen with naked eye…
●Princely states->1/3 rd land area(British crown)
●Nagpur session of congress in 1920;-
->Linguistic basis of the reorganization of INC party
●…..there will no end to your being tested->by M K Gandhi
● Indian National Army  was created by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in1942(WW-2)
●Amphibious aircraft oprations(water aerodrome)->Chilika lake(odisha)
●Indus water treaty->1960
->India didn’t sign because it was biased towards major Nuclear powers
●In constituent assembly;-
->Universal suffrage passed without or little debated
->Universal adult suffrage->1989(age 21 to 18)
->Indian women get right to vote-> after Independence(1st general election)
●Residuary power(borrowed)->Canada
●Left-Wing Extreme affected states;-
->10 states from East (UP,Bihar, Odisha etc.)
-> Major festival of the people in Jaintia hills,Meghalaya
●Polavaram project;-
->Is multi-purpose irrigation project
->Across Godavari River, AP
●1st member of  Buddhist Monastic Sangha->Kondanna
->total were 5
●APTA->only operational trade agreement link china &india…….
●Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System(RIMES);-(for asia and Africa)
->centre located in Pathumthani,Thailand
●Global Findex Report;-
->released by World Bank
●Feminists;-(in political doctrine)
->inequality b/w men &women is produce by society and not by nature

◆Some topics had covered in daily Quick Revision.(I was little busy due to guest🙏

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