IAS Prelims_2

●Xinjiang region;-
↪China’s largest natural gas producing region(N-W region)
↪’Aksai chin’ falls in this region{disputed territory b/w India & China}
↪Silk Road trade route linking China and  Middle East passed through Xinjiang
●Rettaimalai Srinivasan;-
↪also called Thatha(grandfather),his effort was to re-establish legacy of SC/ST
●Madurai pillai;-
↪He was famous for his anti caste struggle
↪started self -respect movement(1925)
& led anti-Brahmin movement
●Unemployment rate;-
↪number of people who are not working and looking for jobs divided(÷) by Total number of people who are working or looking for jobs
●Only one side of moon is visible to us because of  rotational velocity of moon(27 days)
●Closed market economy;-
↪Only those who work are able to buy goods,there is no leakage from system
●Centrally planned economy;-
↪All important decision regarding production, exchange & consumption of goods & services are made by govt.
↪try to achieve equitable distribution of goods
●Big Bang;-
↪Tiny ball exploded violently & expansion continues even to the present day
↪once temperature dropped to 4500K & give rise to atomic matter and universe became transparent.
●Jews community;-
↪granted religious minority status in Maharashtra, West bengal & now Gujarat.
●During Mughal era;-
•Bengal region export->
↪Grain,fine cotton, muslin, silk,liquor & wine,salt,ornaments, fruits, metals & pearls
●Beginning of Agriculture(& Animal)in Indian subcontinent↪Neolithic period{about  9000 BCE}
●Infant Mortality Rate(IMR)↪37[deaths per 1,000 live births of children under one year of age]
Maternal Mortality Rate(MMR)↪167[deaths due to birth- or pregnancy-related complications per 100,000 registered live births]
•Under-5 Mortality rate↪26
●GRACE-FO Mission;-
↪measure variation in gravity over earth surface(track earth’s water movement)
●RAMA project;-
↪aim to enable asteroid rendezvous mission.
↪convert asteroid elements  into very basic version of spacecraft subsystem
● Port said(Egypt)& Istanbul ;-
↪Cities span two continent
● Canada has longest coastline followed by Norway
●Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis established Indian Statical Institute(ISI) in Calcutta & started journal “Sankhya”
●Focus of first seven ‘5 years plan’;-
↪self reliance &avoiding import
●Disposable Income↪ (Personal Income -Direct tax)
●Sutras related to Buddhism;-
↪Lotus sutras,Heart sutras, Diamond sutras
●Fastest growing(population) indian city↪Delhi followed by Banglore
●Division of Industries in different schedule in Industrial Policy Resolution of 1956(IPR-1956);- was based on
↪Ownership & responsibility of development
●Comet tail become visible;-
↪ when they illuminated by Sun
●Great Depression(1929);-
↪Was triggered by “Stock Market Crash” (‘penic sell off’ of assets)
●Open Market(Import& Export);-
↪Solves problem of excess or shortages of any good
●Economic growth trajectory(India-1990);-
↪Share of services sector was 40.59% more than agriculture like developed nations
● Nation can be economically wealthy” by Efficient transformation of resources.
(even scarcity of natural resources, land,labour etc.)
●Anandpur Sahib Resolution;-(1967-1973)
↪Asserted “Regional autonomy of sikh region{Separate Sikh Nation}
●Major difference b/w BS-III & BS-IV ↪Sulphur
●Eta Carinae;-
↪Is a celestial body that is accelerating particles to high energies
↪which may reach to cosmic rays
●Investment Expenditure:-
↪Most unstable component of GDP
●Terrestrial planets;-
↪4 nearest planet to Sun
●Jovian planets;-
↪4 farthest planets from Sun
●Institute of Eminence(IoE);-
↪offer  upto 20% online courses of its programme
●Purchasing Mangers Index(PMI);-
↪for  watch indicator of Business activity
↪released by HSBC
↪basic form of it is’ Gas’
↪Is a toxic, colourless solution(H2O+formaldehyde)
●Estimation of National & per capita income during colonial time of india ;-
↪by Dadabhai Naoroji & V.K.R.V Rao etc.
● Happiness Index;-( by M.P govt.)🙄
↪To know how happy population is
●India mainly import(during later part of British rule);-
↪woollen clothes
●Product method(of GDP);-
↪Suffer” Double Counting”
●Regional rural Bank(RRB);-
↪own by (with capital shared)
Central govt.(50%), state govt.(15%)& Sponsored banks(35%) 🙏

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