IAS Prelims_4

●Seafloor spreading;-
↪Is a process that occurs at mid-ocean ridges, where new oceanic crust is formed through volcanic activity
↪Age of the rocks increases as one move away from the ‘Crest’
↪Ocean crust rocks are younger then continental rocks
Jews Community;-
↪granted religious minority status in Maharashtra, West bengal & now Gujarat.
•Important synagogues religious place of worship for Jews community are⤵
●Africa, Falkland island, Madagascar, Antarctica , Australia & India were part of “The Gondwana System
•There were a super continent was named PANGAEA(means all earth).And the mega-ocean was called PANTHALASSA(means all water)
↪PANGAEA first Brock into two continental masses as “Laurasia &Gondwana land⬆
↪first used in Assembly election(MP, RJ &Delhi)-1998{successfully}
↪first used in Noksen (assembly constituency-2013) in Nagaland
‘Hindu Code Bill-disagreement’ ;-
↪was the trigger reason behind resignation of Dr. Ambedkar from intrime cabinet of independent India
Divergent Boundaries;-
↪Formed where new crust is generated as the plates pull away from each other(like↪Mid- Atlantic Ridge)
•Subduction Zone;-
↪Location where sinking of a plate occur
Unfair election of Indira Gandhi in 1975 case;-
↪The opposition political parties led by “Jayprakash Narayan” pressed for Indira Gandhi’s resignation.
↪that led to proclamation of National Emergency
Earth Overshoot Day;-
↪marks the date when we (all of humanity) have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year(Over earth’s bio capacity)
↪we are using 1.7 times earth’ bio capacity
Sedimentary rocks are three types;-
•Mechanically formed;-
↪Sandstone, Conglomerate, Limestone, Shale, Loess etc.
•Organically formed;-
↪Geyserite, Chalk,Limestone, Coal etc.
•Chemically formed;-
↪Chert,Limestone,Halite,Potash etc.
System of Air Quality & Weather Forecasting(SAFAR);
↪developed by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology(IITM,pune)
•Monitored Pollutants are↪PM1,PM2.5,PM10,Ozone, Methane(CH4),Mercury etc. BUT NOT –>CO2
India’s average  GDP spending on helth;-
↪Is nearly 1.1% .which is lowest in all BRICS nations
Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation(CEPI);-
↪Launched by “World Economic Forum(WEF)”
↪with plan to includes preparation & tackle epidemics for possible outbreaks of ‘Nipah Virus,Chikungunya,Marburg fever etc.
↪It formed when barrier bars & spits form at the mouth of a bay & block it.
↪can be formed in High rocky coast or low sedimentary coasts
Western Asia;
↪Is surrounded by 7 major seas
•Aegean Sea
•Black Sea
•Caspian Sea
•Persian Gulf
•Arabian Sea
•Red Sea
•Mediterranean Sea
Group of Seven(G-7);-
↪represent 62%+ global net wealth ($280 trillion)
•Members↪US,Canada, (UK,Germany, France, Italy), Japan
Global Multidimensional Poverty Index(MPI);-
↪was developed in 2010 by Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative(OPHI)& UNDP
↪to determine poverty beyond income-based list
↪It replaced previous”Human Poverty Index
Inner Line Permit(ILP);-
↪Is an official travel document issued by the Govt. of India to grant inward travel of an indian citizen into a protected area for a limited period.(In N-E states)
↪Presently ILP is operational in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram & Nagaland
ASEAN has free trade agreement;-
↪With ASEAN members(10)+6
•6↪China, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand & Republic of Korea
Basalt↪Is an intrusive igneous rock
•Granite rock form by cooling down of magma inside the earth
Kangra fort;-{Himachal Pradesh}
↪Is one of the oldest fort in india
↪The war record of Alexander the great ment8 this 4th century BC temple of HP
↪Fort includes richy curved temple with idole embossed in their walls
Dilwara temple;-{near Mount Abu,Rajasthan’s only hill station};-
↪famous for their use of marble & intricate marble carvings
●Lithospheric plates;-
↪Are regions of earth crust &upper mantle that are fractured into plates that moves across a deeper plasticine mantle{Carry both Continental & Ocean floor}
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership(RCEP);-
↪Will be the largest trade zone in the world in term of combined GDP
↪Trade zone will include members ASEAN(10)+6
World Development Indicators Report;
↪Is published by “World Bank”
India’s GDP per capita(income)↪$1983 as per IMF(2017)
↪rank -> 139
↪But in GDP(nominal)overall is 6th as $ 2.6 trillion
Kamraj Plan;-
↪In 1963 he{K. Kamraj, CM of TN}proposed that all senior congressman should resign from office to make way for younger party worker

●Debris avalanches &landslides;-

↪Occur very frequently in Himalayas
•there are many reasons for this like
↪Himalaya are tectonically active
↪They are made up of sedimentary rocks etc.
Body Mass Index(BMI);
↪one way to find out if adults are undernourished
•Method(how to calculate);-
↪Divide the Weight(kg) by Square of the height(m)
•If BMI is less than 18.5↪Undernourished
•If BMI is more than 25 ↪Over-weight
◆My BMI is ↪19.72 ….☺
Gross Enrollment Ratio/Index(GEI);-
↪Number of students enrolled in school at specific class(primary, secondary or tertiary) divide(÷) Number of students who line in the country in same class
National Simple Survey Organization(NSSO);-
↪Collects data on rural & Urban prices and plays a significant role in the improvement of crop statistics
•Come under↪”Ministry of Statistics, Planning & programme Implementation”
Social audit;-
↪Means the process in which people collectively monitor & evaluate the planning and implementation of a programme or scheme.
↪Responsibility can be assigned to “A  community group or Professional Institution)
Major tributaries of Mahanadi River;-
↪Seonath,Jonk,Hasdo(😀),Mand,Ib,Ong,Tel etc.
●Sanskrit language can be found in{not necessary classical sanskrit};-
↪Hindi,Nepali, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Grantha alphabet etc.
●River Alkananda & Bhagirathi join and make river Ganga near Deoprayag
PM-MUDRA Yojana;-
↪For development of micro units by extending funding support to encourage entrepreneurship in india
Lewellyn Smith Committee(1920);-
↪Observed that tenure of the office of secretaries(secy.) & deputy secy., should remain fixed at four years to bring ‘Stability’
Maxwell Committee(1935) or “Wheeler Committee”
↪Suggested that the Secy. of department should be responsible to the minister(& guide the minister)
Tottenham Committee(1945-46);-
↪Recommended that distinct duties be assigned to different grades of secretarial officers
Lord Minto;-
↪Known as “Father of Communal Electorate in India”
↪Introduced a system of communal representation for Muslim by accepting the Concept of “Separate electorate”(in GOI act-1909)
↪At the times of cold war.World was divided in two world(poles) or two power USSR & USA known as Bipolar
↪After Cold War, USSR couldn’t remain supper power & USA emerged as sole superpower  known as “Unipolar World”
●Only “Environmental Conservation & Child Education”↪ can be found in both DPSP & Fundamental Duties
National Urban Information System(NUIS);-{Under Mo Urban Development};-
↪Are creating an urban GIS database (in 152 towns)with the help of satellites & aerial photography
Moral Hazard;-
↪In economics,moral hazard occurs when one person takes more risks because someone else bears the cost of those risks
Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index(MDPI);-
↪Measure poverty based on health, education & condition of living by the parameters like Cooking fuel,housing etc.
Human Development Index;-
↪Measure achievement in health, education, condition of living etc. & cover only parameter of “Per Capita Income”
Gender Inequality Index(GII);-
↪Includes reproductive health & goes beyond  the literacy & primary education
↪Also reveal gender disparities in labour marking participation
Treaty of Maastricht;-
↪Is one of two treaties forming the constitutional basis of the EU
↪Other one is Treaty on Functioning of EU(TFEU) or ” Treaty of Rome” {signed in 1992)
↪to further European Integration
Closest Ideology to ASEAN-Way ;-
↪Settling disputes by informal cooperative methods
↪Is define as shared of norm,principles of ASEAN members

●Asia Cooperation Dialogue(ACD);-

↪Is an inter-governmental organization created in 2002
↪to promote asia cooperation at “Continental level”
↪PAK,China,Sri lanka, Japan, Turkey etc. are members(also INDIA, missing in insights pdf)
ASEAN Regional Forum(AFR);-
↪Isban important forum of security dialogue in asia
•Members↪27(including India)
●Ring of fire doesn’t touch ‘Australia’
Rajkumari Amrit Kaur;-
↪Was Minister for health in independent India’s first ministry and also a member of Constituent assembly

●Acharya Narendra Dev ;-

↪was a founding president of ‘Congress Socialist Party(CSP😏)
Public Affair Index;-
↪Not for profit think tank which aims to improve governance in india
↪released by “Public Affair Centre(PAC)”,Banglore
One Party System Countries;-
↪North Korea
Operation Gibraltar;-
↪Intended to start a rebellion against Indian rule in J&K
↪pakistan hoped to gain control over kashmir but operation resulted major failure
GDP per capita;-
↪Delhi has highest GDP per capita followed by Goa,Chandigarh
↪Bihar(₹38,546}has lowest GDP per capita followed by UP{₹48,520}
Major elements of earth’s Crust;-(8)
•OSiAl↪Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum
•and ↪Fe,Ca,Na,K(potassium),Mg
↪Is a naturally occurring inorganic substance
↪can be form from single element🙄
Fiscal Capacity;-
↪Is related to capacity of govt. of  tax & spending
●Negotiable Instruments;-
↪Refers to any legal document like Cheque, Promissory notes,bill of exchange etc.(Not Exchange trade funds}
●Myanmar keen to setup a “border haat”(market) with India after Bangladesh

●Dasht-e Lut Desert;-

↪Is a large(27th largest in the world) salt desert in Iran
↪also in World Heritage list since 2016
•Dasht-e Kavir also belongs to Iran
Geomorphic Processes;-
↪Endogenic & Exogenic forces causing physical stress &chemical action on earth material and bring change in Configuration of the earth’s surface
•Engogenic processes↪Diastrophism & Volcanism
•Exogenic processes↪weathering,erosion, deposition and mass wasting etc.

●Rani-ki vav;
↪located on the bank of Saraswati River
↪built in “Maru-Gurjara architectural style
Arctic shelf;-
↪Ocean Arctic shelf comprised a number of continental shelves(including Canadian arctic shelf)
↪Are most likely to be form in Youth Stage(*should be Mature stage) of River
Swachh Bharat Pakhwada;-
↪Cleansing campaign of govt. offices & departments in all possible ways{Mass pledge on Swachhta }🙏

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