IAS Prelims_3

●Outer Space Treaty;-

↪Treaty forbids countries from deploying “Nuclear weapons or any other kind of weapons of mass destruction” in outer space
↪Initially called”Treaty on principles governing activities of states in the exploration & use of outer space including Moon & other celestial bodies
↪Around 90% Countries are member of treaty
•Habeas Corpus↪eximine the cause of legality of detention(public)
•Mandamus↪to public official(failed or refuse to perform)
•Prohibition↪SC->HC->DC(district court){only against judiciary}
•Certiorari↪Higher Court to lower court or Tribunal(lack of jurisdiction or error of low){against administrative also)
•Quo-Warranto↪Enquire into the legality of claim of a person to public office
●Common Services Centers(CSCs);-
↪flagship programme under “Digital India Programme”
●WIPO performances & phonograms treaty recognized moral right of the performers for the 1st time(other than copyright)
●Special Category States;-
↪states emerged based on “Gadgil Formula,1969(determined central assistance to states)
●River Terrapin↪in West bengal
●IndiGO(Indian Initiative in Gravitational-wave Observation);-
↪Is a consortium of indian ‘gravitational-wave physics’
●Rights not available to foreigners;-
↪Article->15,16,19 &29,30
●Govt. can impose restrictions on the freedom of religion to protect;-
↪Public order, Morality & Health
●Public Credit Registry(PCR);-
↪will essentially provide a single-point &real time source for financial liabilities of a person or entity
↪And help bank in credit assessment as well as in making risk based provision.
●Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile(ICBM);-
•Nations have capabilities to launch are –
↪Permanent members of UNSC(China, France, Russia, US,Britain)+ Israel & India
●Is there any Cametos sea ?
●Plural Society;-
↪Is composed of different ethnic group or cultural traditions
↪they also provided rights of equal treatment & protection of law and cultural identity
●Famous towns lost their court(when British took over indian states);-
↪Thunjavur, Dhaka,Murhidabad
●In INDIA-Pakistan partition;-
↪India’s jute industry affected (most) due to
↪Jute producing area became part of East Pakistan(bangladesh)
●GDP deflator ↪GDP(nominal- at market price)÷gdp(real- at constant price)
↪Combatant Commond of USA in Indo-Asia-Pacific region(for a region open to investment & free fair and reciprocal trade)
●National Consumer Disputes Redressal Comission(NCDRC);-
↪Is a quasu-judicial comission setup in 1988,(under Consumer protection act -1986)
↪A platinum-group chemical element
↪It doesn’t oxidize easily,which is an important property of allowing scaling of magnetic memories
●Geographical Indications;-
•Chau Mask(wooden mask)↪Purulia
•Dokras(kind of mate)↪Bengal
•Patta chitra(scroll painting)↪WB & Odisha
●Corbett National Park(Uttarakhand);-
↪One of the richest birds region of india
↪Declared “Important Bird Area(IBA)”by Birdlife International
↪India’s oldest & most prestigious National Park
●Nokma &Village Council;-
↪were the earliest political system of “Garos(Meghalaya)
↪Women is a village head while husband is supposed to assit her
●S-400 Triumf;-
↪Russia’s most advance long-rang missile defence system, sold to India
•Economic History of India↪R.C. Dutt
•India divided↪Prasad Rajendra
•The land system of British India↪Powell Baden
●All India Trade Union Congress(AITUC);-
↪Oldest tade union of federation in india
↪was founded in 1920 by Lala Lajpat Rai,Joseph Batista, N M Joshi etc.[anti workers govt.]
●GeoIntelligence Asia -2018 seminar(11th);-
↪To brings together various stakeholders to examine the latest geospatial technology sol. In military & security applications.
●Olga Tellis vs Bombay Municipal Corporation;-
↪Regarding “Rights of Slum – dwellers(art-21)
●Indian plate borders with;-
•Somali plate, Arabian plate ,Australian plate,Burma plate,Eurasian plate
●Rights to Self determination for people;-gives
↪UN charter & International Covenant on civil and political rights
●Esemble Prediction System ↪Weather forecasting
●Iron Catastrophe(major event early in earth history);- was
↪Sinking of iron to the centre of earth leading to overall restructuring
●People Union for Civil Liberties(PUCL);-
↪Is a human right body formed in 1976 by Jayprakash Narayan
↪(aim)to be an organization free from political ideology
●Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institution(GANHRI);-
↪Coordinate the relationship b/w NHRI & UN human right system
↪Only non -UN body whose internal accreditation system(global Alliance)
↪It happens when light or other electromagnetic radiation from an object is increase in wavelength
●Gopabandu Sambadik Suwasthya Bima Yojana(by Odisha govt.)
↪health insurance upto 2 lakh for “Journalist”
●Environmental Kuznets Curve;-
↪Relationship b/w GDP per capita & Concentration of SO2 in local air is an inverted U-curve
↪”Solution to pollution is economic growth”
●Sec-144(CrPC)↪Magistrate can restrain an assembly meeting or procession
•Sec-141(IPC)↪assembly of five or more person becom Unlawfull assembly if T&C applied😏
●Partnership to Advance Clean Energy(PACE-D);-
↪flagship programme b/w USA & India
↪to promote low- carbon growth through clean energy & innovative financing mechanism
●Menaka Case(1978);-
↪”wider interpretation of article-21{protection under art-21 should be available not against arbitrary executive but also arbitrary legislative action🙏

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