Quiz Revision ‘December 2018’

●DiEM25;-{progressive movement arose after the debt crisis in Greece } ↪is oriented towards social justice and fundamental rights. European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (or “the troika”).
●Carmichael project;- ↪The Carmichael coal mine is a proposed thermal coal mine in the north of the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland, Australia.  ↪ The mine is proposed by Adani Mining, a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘India’s Adani Group’.
●The Kimberley Process;- ↪unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds –
↪ ‘rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments’ – around the world. •India is a founding member.
●International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC);- ↪Is a multi modal transportation established in the year 2000 in St. Petersburg, 【by Iran, Russia and India】 ↪ for the purpose of promoting transportation cooperation among the Member States•This corridor connects India Ocean and Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea via Islamic republic of IRAN, then is connected to St. Petersburg and North European via Russian Federation.  ●Black Sea is bordered;- {by “TURbg” •↪Turkey •↪Ukraine •↪Romania •↪Bulgaria •↪Georgia ◆Russia has border with both Black Sea & Caspian Sea.
. The INSTC was expanded to include eleven new members, namely: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Oman, Syria, Bulgaria (Observer).

●Gene Drive technology;- ↪Is a genetic systems that circumvent traditional rules of sexual reproduction and greatly increase the odds that the drive will be passed on to offspring ↪Is capable of enabling “The spread of specified genetic alterations through targeted wild populations over many generations.”
●among the 20 Aichi biodiversity targets;- ↪ only one – on the creation of protected areas – is measurably close to being met •for effectively implementing the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. 
●The Law Commission in its 262nd report;- ↪ recommended that the death penalty should be awarded only in terror-related cases •The the penalty of death could be awarded only in ‘the rarest of rare’ cases’ was laid down in the [Bachan Singh case in 1980]. recommended “swift” abolition of death penalty except in terror-related cases.
●Tiger reserve – Locations   •Rajaji TR –↪Uttarakhand         •Achanakmar TR ↪ Chattisgarh            •Valmiki TR ↪ Bihar
•Orang TR↪Assam.
●Standard essential patents (SEPs);-  ↪Patents that exist for present “Communication Technologies” ↪are prone to abuse by their owners, and lack of patent among Indian firms has pushed a large number of domestic mobile manufacturers into assembling.  non-profit consumer body CUTS (Consumer Unity and Trust Society) has said. Patents that exist for present communication technologies — technically called standard essential patents (SEPs) — are prone to abuse by their owners, and lack of patent among Indian firms has pushed a large number of domestic mobile manufacturers into assembling.

●‘South Asian Enigma’;- ↪Despite India’s fast economic growth and poverty reduction over the past few decades, food insecurity remains very high •This puzzle has been named the “South Asian enigma”.
●Associated Space agency and asteroid/comet   •Osiris-Rex – NASA and (Bennu)            •Mascot – German Aerospace Centre and french ( Cnes ) on  (Ryugu)  hayabusa 2                        •Rosetta↪built by the European Space Agency & launched on 2 march 2004.  ↪Along with Philae, its lander module, Rosetta performed a detailed study of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (67P). ↪ During its journey to the comet, the spacecraft flew by “Mars”.
‘Gilet jaunes’, a term recently seen in the news, are associated with protests across France
●Burning plastic for fuel;- ↪When plastic is burnt, industries must extract fossil fuels again to make new plastics (Burning plastic for fuel should be the last option) •burning plastics without emissions is tough •To reduce the likelihood of dioxin and furan formation, refuse-derived fuel must be burnt at high temperatures, more than 1,000˚C. ◆About 80 per cent of the total plastic waste generated in a year in India is not recycled.
●Food Sustainability Index;-{by developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit with  “Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition”} ↪ ranks 67 countries on food system sustainability •The index has three key types of performance indicators  1)environmental,   2)societal   3)economic The Food Sustainability Index (FSI – developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit with the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition) ranks 67 countries on food system sustainability. It is a quantitative and qualitative benchmarking model that measures the sustainability of food systems across three categories: Food Loss and Waste, Sustainable Agriculture and Nutritional Challenges.

●Climate change;- •China and the US. Together accounts for more than 40% of the global total •The 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years, with 2015-2018 making up the top four ◆If this trend continues, temperatures may rise by 3-5C by 2100 ●Single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet;- ↪Is to modify your diet to include less meat ◆Beef creates highest greenhouse gas emissions.
●Lalithambika V.R.,↪a scientist who has played a role in building India’s rocket programme has been selected to lead the country’s Human Space Flight Programme 【Gaganyaan】 ●Tessy Thomas↪a scientist from India’s DRDO, is a rare woman who has played a key role in the making of its most potent long-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile, the Agni-V
●B.P. Dakshayani↪ as the former head of flight dynamics and space navigation for the Indian space agency, led the team that kept an eye on the satellite (MOM) .
●World Customs Organization (WCO);-{80th Session held in Mumbai} ↪is the only international organization with competence in Customs matters. ↪Is noted for its work in areas covering like commodity classification, valuation, revenue, supply chain security].
●Russia’s space agency ‘Roscosmos’ is currently the only organisation transporting astronauts to the ISS
•Soyuz rocket;-{Is a Russian spacecraft} ↪Soyuz transports crews to the International Space Station and returns them to Earth after their missions SpaceX supplies cargo to ISS while Soyuz transport astronauts.  The Soyuz (SAW-yooz) is a Russian spacecraft. Astronauts and cosmonauts travel to the International Space Station on the Soyuz. The Soyuz transports crews to the International Space Station and returns them to Earth after their missions. The Soyuz is like a lifeboat for the space station. At least one Soyuz is always docked at the space station. If there is an emergency, the station crew can use the Soyuz to return to Earth. The Soyuz is the only means of reaching the ISS since the U.S. retired the space shuttle in 2011.
The ISS programmeis a joint project among five participating space agencies:   NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA (Canada).

●As per the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 ↪2.21% of the population has one or multiple types of disabilities(in india) [Not nearly 3%] •‘Relief of the disabled’ is a subject under the state list in the seventh schedule of the Constitution.
•Reservation in vacancies in government establishments has been increased to 4% for persons with benchmark disability. •District level committees will be constituted by State Governments to address local concerns of PwDs.
●As per the Global Nutrition Report 2018, the single most important cause for this spatial variation in child stunting across India is ↪Women’s low Body Mass Index (accounted for 19% of the difference between the low versus high-burden districts).
●Mangdechhu hydroelectric project;-{b/w India & Bhutan} ↪ is a 720MW run-of-river power plant being built on the Mangdechhu River in central Bhutan.
●Gas & Crude oil •’Russia’ has the largest overall proven gas reserves. •Presently, ‘USA’ is the largest producer of natural gas •Presently, ‘Saudi Arabia’ is the largest producer of crude oil •’Venezuela’ has the largest proven crude oil reserves.

●Egmont Group;- ↪It is a united body of 159 “Financial Intelligence Units” (FIUs). ↪The Egmont Group provides a platform for the secure exchange of expertise & financial intelligence to combat money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF).
●Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Act, 1951 recently amended;- ↪to secure representation as Trustees, “the Leader of Opposition recognized as such in the House of the People.
●Future Earth;- ↪It is a global platform for international scientific collaboration related to global environmental change •organisation is rooted in the work of 20 Global Research Projects. Future Earth is at its core a ‘federation’ of projects and other initiatives related to Global Environmental Change. The organisation is rooted in the work of 20 Global Research Projects. These projects were launched under the umbrella of four global environmental change programmes, DIVERSITAS, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP), the International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP) and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). The partnership between these four global environmental change programmes constituted the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP), which subsequently evolved into Future Earth.The Global Carbon Project is a Global Research Project of Future Earth.
Global Carbon Project;- ↪integrates knowledge of greenhouse gases for human activities and the Earth system.↪their projects include global budgets for three dominant greenhouse gases — carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
●GSAT-11↪ will provide Internet services now to users in rural and inaccessible village panchayats under BharatNet
•GSAT-29↪ is designed to mainly focus on connectivity to the users in the hilly and geographically inaccessible areas, especially those in [Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern regions of India.]
• GSAT-9 ( SAARC Satellite ) ↪ will support communication, broadcasting and Internet services, disaster management, tele-medicine, tele-education, weather forecasting in a region that [economically lagging with limited technological resources]
•NovaSAR ( United Kingdom n  ISRO )  ↪has the ability to take pictures of the surface of the Earth in every kind of weather, day or night [its designers specifically want to see if it can help monitor suspicious shipping activity].

●Von Kármán crater;- ↪Chang’e-4 mission will see a static lander and rover touch down in Von Kármán crater, located on the side of the Moon which never faces Earth •moon is “tidally locked” to Earth, meaning the natural satellite takes about the same amount of time to spin once on its axis as it does to orbit our planet
●Agriculture Trade Policy, 2018;- ↪To double agricultural exports in value terms by 2022 from present levels ↪To double India’s share in world agri-exports by integrating with the global value chain •To strive to double India’s share in world agri exports
●study on air pollution by India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative;- ↪One in eight deaths in 2017 could be attributed to air pollution.  ↪More 3 out of 4 Indians are exposed to PM2.5 air pollution above the WHO-mandated safe limit. •More number of deaths occurred due to outdoor particulate matter air pollution.
●Central Information Commission (CIC);- ↪CIC consists of a Chief Information Commissioner and not more than ten Information Commissioners ↪President can also remove the Chief Information Commissioner or any Information Commissioner on the ground of proved misbehaviour or incapacity.• The number of State Information Commissioners varies from one state to another state.

1.  Elum Valley –  It has been a site of divinity and pilgrimage for both the Hindu and the Buddhist communities. The Khyber Pakthunkhwa province in Pakistan is planning to construct a heritage park in Elum Valley, which carries a historical significance to both the Hindus and the Buddhists.
2.  member states of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – GCC member states are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. ( KUBOSaQ )
3. Commonwealth of Nations: The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 53 sovereign states. No one government in the Commonwealth exercises power over the others. The symbol of this free association is Queen Elizabeth II, who serves as the Head of the Commonwealth. As of April 2017, of the states that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, three are in Europe, twelve in North America and the Caribbean, one in South America, nineteen in Africa, seven in Asia, and eleven in Oceania.
4. Bioplastics: Bioplasticsare plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils.  Not all bioplastics are biodegradable. One of the advantages of bioplastics is that no adverse change to flavour or scent in food stored in bioplastic containers.
5.  Khelo India programme: It is an initiative of Ministry of Sports and Youth affairs. One of the component is the promotion of sports amongst people with disabilities Traditional games like Kabaddi and Kho-Kho are part of the programme.  Talented players identified in priority sports disciplines at various levels by the High-Powered Committee will be provided annual financial assistance of INR 5 lakh per annum for 8 years.

●No religious minority tag to Lingayat/Veerashaiva community;- •Lingayats↪ are followers of 12th-century social reformer Basavanna[Basavanna spread social awareness through his poetry, popularly known as Vachanaas] •Veerashaivas↪are a sub-sect of Lingayats and ardent followers of Lord Shiva 【However, the Shiva that Basavanna referred to in his vachanas (verses) is not the Hindu god Shiva】

●Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs);- ↪is a cocktail of two or more active drug ingredients in a fixed ratio of doses[almost half the drugs sold in India in 2014 were FDC, making it a world leader in combination drugs].  •Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation(CDSCO);-{under MoH&FW} ↪is responsible for approval of New Drugs, Conduct of Clinical Trials, laying down the standards for Drugs •FDCs have shown to be particularly useful in the treatment of infectious diseases like HIV, malaria and tuberculosis .
●Sahitya Academy Award;-{since 1954} ↪Is a literary honor in India, which the Sahitya Akademi, India’s National Academy of Letters, annually confers.↪It is awarded for major Indian languages (24 languages, including the 22 listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, along with English and Rajasthani
●Agni-V Missile;- ↪is the intercontinental ‘surface-to-surface’ nuclear capable ballistic missile • 17-metre long Agni-5 has a range of over 5,000 km and can carry about a 1500-kg warhead [It can target almost all of Asia including Pakistan and China and Europe] •India describes Agni-V Missile system as a ‘weapon of peace’
●Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) 2018;-{released by World Bank} ↪charting global progress on sustainable energy policies •only 37 per cent had a national renewable energy target in 2010. By 2017, that had grown to 93 per cent.

●Sunspots↪ are temporary phenomena on the Sun’s photosphere that appear as spots darker than the surrounding areas.  ↪They are regions of reduced surface temperature caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection.
●The Skoch Awards;- ↪It celebrates human excellence and agents of change in Indian society. ↪They are the highest independently instituted civilian honours in India. ↪These awards have become a benchmark of best practices in India in the fields of governance, infrastructure, finance, banking, technology, corporate citizenship, economics and inclusive growth.
●Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Council approved India’s proposal to observe an “International Year of Millets in 2023”
●Chhau dance;-  ↪It is a form of mask dance that uses vigorous martial movements to narrate mythological stories ↪Some narrations also use natural themes such as Sarpa nritya or Mayur Nritya •Chhau is found in three styles named after the location where they are performed, i.e.  1↪the Purulia Chau of Bengal, 2↪ the Seraikella Chau of Jharkhand,  3↪ the Mayurbhanj Chau of Odisha.
●India got its 1st freight village in “Varanasi” ↪Ministry of Shipping has approved the development of Rs. 156 crore freight village in Varanasi.


●SAUBHAGYA Scheme;- ( MIN OF POWER ) ↪Under Saubhagya free electricity connections to all households (both APL and poor families) in “rural areas and poor families in urban areas” will be provided.  ↪Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) has been designated as nodal agency for the Saubhagya scheme ↪beneficiary households for free electricity connections under the scheme would be “identified using SECC 2011 data”.
●National Register of Citizens (NRC);- ↪is a register containing names of Indian citizens residing in Assam. ↪It was last prepared after Census in 1951 •The recently released draft of NRC includes the names of Indian citizens who have been residing in Assam before March 25, 1971.
●NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft;-↪ has discovered traces of hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the “asteroid Bennu’s rocky surface”.
●Momentum for Change;- ↪is an initiative of “UN Climate Change secretariat” ↪to shine a light on the enormous groundswell of activities underway across the globe that are moving the world toward a highly resilient, low-carbon future.
●FAME India Scheme;-{launched by Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises} ↪To promote manufacturing of ‘electric and hybrid vehicle technology’.

●Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY);- ↪aims to incentivise employers for employment generation by the Government paying the employers’ EPS contribution of 8.33%, for the new employees, [for the first three years of their employment] ↪Is proposed to be made applicable for unemployed persons that are semi-skilled and unskilled. ↪scheme is being implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Employment ↪The Scheme is targeted for employees earning wages less than Rs 15,000/- per month.
●National Medical Devices Promotion Council;-{ under Ministry of Commerce & Industry} ↪Act as a facilitating, promotional & developmental body for the Indian Medical Devices Industry (MDI) •Council will be headed by Secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).
●Ranbir Penal Code;-↪Indian Penal code is not applicable to J&K and in place of IPC, a similar criminal law Ranbir Penal Code applies in the state. Since 1932.
●Oxytocin;-(also called “love hormone”) ↪Is a hormone that is made in the brain(produced by hypothalamus) ↪It plays a role in social bonding,sexual reproduction in both sexes, and during and after childbirth •WHO has come up with Carbetocin as a safe and effective alternative to the drug oxytocin.
●Bureau of Energy Efficiency star labelling is currently invoked for ⤵ equipments/appliances Room Air Conditioner (Fixed Speed),  Ceiling Fan, Colour Television, Computer,  Direct Cool Refrigerator,  Domestic Gas Stove , Tubular Florescent Lamp , LPG- Stoves , Ballast , Solid State Inverter etc.

●Satkosia Tiger Reserve↪located in Odisha
●Sagarmala Programme;- ↪aims to Enhancing the connectivity of the ports to the hinterland ↪Optimizing cost and time of cargo movement through multi-modal logistics solutions ↪Developing Coastal Economic Zones ↪Promoting sustainable development of coastal communities through skill development & livelihood generation activities.
●GSAT 7A;- ↪ is the 35th Indian communication satellite.  .•GSAT-7A is an advanced military communications satellite meant for the Indian Air Force .
●Great Indian Bustard;- ↪Is listed in Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.  •The state of Rajasthan initiated “Project Great Indian Bustard”, on World Environment Day 2013
●Measles↪is a highly contagious viral disease. • It remains an important cause of death among young children globally, despitethe availability of a safe and effective vaccine. India, along with ten WHO South-East Asia Region member countries, plans to eliminate  measles and control rubella/ congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) by 2020.

●South Asia Wildlife Enforcement Network (SAWEN);- ↪It is an inter-governmental wildlife law enforcement support body of South Asian countries •Its Secretariat based in Kathmandu, Nepal.
●Kumbh Mela;- ↪Is a religious pilgrimage that is celebrated four times over a course of 12 years.↪It is the largest public gathering and collective act of faith, anywhere in the world. ◆UNESCO has inscribed ‘Kumbh Mela’ on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity during its 12th session in 2017.
●Green Good Deeds;- ↪Is a societal movement launched by the Union Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change,  ↪to protect environment and promote good living in the country.
●Mount Soputan;-{ located in Indonesia} ↪One of the most active volcanoes of Indonesia.
●Asbestos↪ is a term for a group of minerals made of microscopic fibres. If you breathe in these fibres, they can damage your lungs •Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance that can be pulled into a fluffy consistency •They are highly toxic in nature.

●The Kerch Strait↪is a strait connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov
●Delhi Dialogue↪ is premier annual event to discuss politico-security, economic and socio-cultural engagement[ between India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)] •The 10th edition of the Delhi Dialogue was held in New Delhi in July 2018.
●Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF);- ↪is an international, independent medical humanitarian organisation. ↪ It provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.
●Behdiengkhlam festival;-{ in Meghalaya} ↪Most popular festival of the Jaintia tribe, ↪Behdienkhlam is celebrated in the month of July for good health, property and bumper harvest.
●NAVIC (NAVigation with Indian Constellation);- ↪ is an autonomous regional satellite navigation system that provides accurate real-time positioning and timing services •NAVIC applications include⤵ °Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine Navigation °Disaster Management °Mapping and Geodetic data capture °Visual and voice navigation for drivers etc.

●Gender gap index 2018;-{released by World economic forum} ↪It measures gender equality across four pillars– [economic opportunity, political empowerment, educational attainment and ‘health & survival’] •Iceland topped followed by Norway •Syria, Iraq, Pakistan ranked lowest ◆ India ranked at 108 among 149 countries☹
●Agriculture Export Policy, 2018;- ↪The policy aims to double agricultural exports by 2022.[Promote indigenous, organic, ethnic, traditional and non-traditional Agri products exports] •Cabinet has approved the proposal for establishment of Monitoring Framework at Centre with ‘Commerce’ as the nodal Department.
●Graphene;- ↪Graphene is an allotrope of carbon ↪It conducts heat and electricity efficiently, and is transparent. ↪Graphene supercapacitors can charge faster and has longer life span than traditional electrolytic batteries.
●National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) Project is being implemented by “Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs”
●Operation Vijay (1961);- ↪the operation by the Military of India that led to the capture of Goa, Daman and Diu and Anjediva Islands.

●India’s 1st Railway University was recently inaugurated in Vadodara, Gujarat ↪It’s only the third such university in the whole world [after China & Russia(sayad!!)].
●Consumer Protection Act, 1986;- ↪It makes provision for the establishment of consumer councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumers’ disputes. ↪It protects the consumers against marketing of hazardous goods and services. ↪ Wherever possible it assures access to goods and services at competitive prices ↪Seek redressal on account of unscrupulous exploitation of consumers.
●Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA);- ↪previously named the Bangkok Agreement,was signed in 1975, Being the oldest preferential trade agreement among developing countries in Asia-Pacific ↪aims to promote economic development through the adoption of mutually beneficial trade liberalization measures •Currently, six Participating States are parties to APTA  (  C BLISS )  1)Bangladesh 2)China 3)India 4)Laos 5)S Korea 6)Sri Lanka.
●Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM);- ↪HAM’s a hybrid — a mix of the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and BOT (build, operate, transfer) models •About 30 highways projects have been awarded under HAM by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).
●Echolocation;-{ also called bio sonar} ↪is the biological sonar used by several kinds of animals. ↪Echolocating animals emit calls out to the environment and listen to the echoes of those calls that return from various objects near them. ↪ They use these echoes to locate and identify the objects. •Asia’s river dolphins may be nearly blind, but compensate by using many methods to catch prey 【these dolphins could also be listening for surface-swimming fish and sensing electrical signals emitted by bottom-dwelling prey on the river-bed】

●The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO);-{under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.} ↪The Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 and rules 1945 have entrusted various responsibilities to central & state regulators for regulation of drugs & cosmetics. •The regulation of manufacture, sale and distribution of Drugs is primarily the concern of the State authorities 【while the Central Authorities are responsible for approval of New Drugs】.
●National Supercomputing Mission;- ↪aims to Enhance India’s capability in solving grand challenge problems of national and global relevance ↪Empower our scientists and researchers with state-of-the-art supercomputing facilities ◆Mission would be implemented and steered jointly by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY).
●The Chilika Lake in Odisha has emerged as the “single largest habitat of Irrawaddy dolphins in the world”. ↪ Chilika is Asia’s largest brackish-water lagoon with an estuarine character, and  ↪one of India’s first Ramsar Convention sites.
●5 Modes of Transport;- 1)Road transport 2)Railway transport 3)Water transport 4)Air transport 5)Pipeline transport
●UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity •Kalbelia folk songs and dances of Rajasthan •Ramlila, the traditional performance of the Ramayana •Kutiyattam, Sanskrit theatre   •Mudiyettu, ritual theatre and dance drama of Kerala   •Yoga   •Kumbh Mela   •Chhau dance etc.

●Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme;- ↪Is aimed at promoting gender equality and the significance of educating girls. ↪The focus is on Gender Critical Districts and Cities low on Child Sex Ratio ◆The scheme is a joint initiative of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and [Ministry of Human Resource Development]
●Y M Deosthalee committee;- ↪RBI had formed a high-level task force on public credit registry (PCR) for India. [The task force was chaired by Y M Deosthalee] ↪The task force has suggested the registry should capture all loan information and borrowers be able to access their own history.
●Mission Gaganyaan;- ↪It is India’s first manned space mission. ↪This mission will make India fourth nation in the world after USA, Russia and China to launch human spaceflight mission ◆ISRO and Russia’s federal space agency ROSCOSMOS have agreed to work together for first manned space mission Gaganyaan.
●SDG India Index;-{by NITI Aayog} ↪which comprehensively documents the progress made by India’s States and Union Territories towards implementing the 2030 SDG targets [The Index spans 13 out of 17 SDGs]
●International Whaling Commission (IWC);- ↪It is an international body set up under International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW) ↪to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks. ↪For orderly development of the whaling industry •India is a member of IWC.

Five Caspian Sea states;-{ A R T I K )  A↪Azerbaijan   R↪Russia T↪Turkmenistan I↪Iran K↪Kazakhstan .•reached a breakthrough agreement on sovereign rights to the sea, paving the way for new oil and gas extraction — and pipelines.
●Diamond Triangle;- ↪The Diamond Triangle, consisting of the three Buddhist sites of Odisha⤵ • Ratnagiri,  •Udaygiri •Lalitgiri ©RULe😀 ↪Buddhist site museum has been inaugurated at Lalitgiri in Odisha.
●East Asia Summit;- •Members↪16 countries in the East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian regions (Including India), USA and RUSSIA are its members ( ASEAN + CAJINS + US n RUSSIA )  • Trade is an important focus for the summit ●ASEAN+3 ↪includes the 10 ASEAN members +(plus) China, Japan, and Korea.  ◆It excludes India.
●Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC);- ↪is an inter-governmental forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies that promotes free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region ◆China has consistently blocked India’s bid to APEC membership.
●Hongyun project;-{by China} ↪aims to build a space-based communications network to provide broadband internet connectivity to users around the world, especially those in the underserved regions.  ↪China has launched its first communication satellite to provide broadband internet services worldwide
●Mount Anak Krakatau;-{Indonesia} ↪located about 50km offshore in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra.

26th Dec Quiz Revision
1.  Government e-Market Place – All Central government and State Government Ministries/Departments including its attached/subordinate offices, Central and State autonomous bodies, Central and State Public Sector Units and local bodies etc. are authorized to make procurement through GeM portal. On GeM, the filters for selecting goods which are Preferential Market Access (PMA) compliant and those manufactured by Small Scale Industries(SSI), enables the Government buyers to procure Make in India and SSI goods very easily.
2.  countries bordering Iran are — Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan.
3.  INS Arihant – INS Arihant is India’s first indigenously-designed, developed and manufactured nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Its design is based on the Russian Akula-1 class submarine. The deployment of INS Arihant led to the completion of India’s nuclear triad. It can carry 12 Sagarika K 15 submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) having range of over 700 km. The Shaurya missile is a canister launched hypersonic surface-to-surface tactical missile developed by the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The Shaurya missile is speculated to be the land version of the under-water Sagarika K-15 missile.
4. Bogibeel bridge, India’s longest railroad bridge recently inaugurated is in which state  Assam.  Bogibeel bridge is a combined road and rail bridge over the Brahmaputra river in the north eastern Indian state of Assam between Dhemaji district and Dibrugarh district.
5. Multi-Layered Plastics (MLP) Multi-layered plastics (MLP) are the shiny plastic material which is used to package chips, biscuit and ready-to-eat food products. The Government of India is looking at phasing out of Multi-layered Plastic (MLP) The Environment Ministry in a new notification has amended the rules of plastic waste management, and suggested the phasing-out of multi-layered plastics (MLP), the shiny plastic material which is used to package chips, biscuit and ready-to-eat food products. MLPs are non-recyclable, non-energy recoverable, and have no alternative uses, and are hence a critical threat to the ecosystem.

●Rythu Bandhu scheme(Agriculture Investment Support Scheme);-{by Telangana govt.} ↪Aimed at relieving farmers of debt burden and cease them from falling into the debt trap again, [the scheme provides a grant of Rs 4,000 per acre per farmer each season].
●World Food Programme;- ↪ is the initiative of ‘United Nations General Assembly’
●Outstanding trio of composer-musicians of “Carnatic music” in the 18th century, being  •Tyagaraja, • Muthuswami Dikshitar • Syama Sastri
●Olive Ridleys Turtles are naturally found in India in •Andhra Pradesh coast(recently) •Odisha coast •Maharashtra coast
●National Tansen Samman;-{by MP govt.} ↪Is a musical award conferred to the exponents of Hindustani music
•Akbar considered Tansen as a Navaratnas (nine jewels), and gave him the title “Mian”, (an honorific, meaning learned man)
◆Tansen is remembered for his epic ‘Dhrupad’ compositions [& two classic books on music “Sri Ganesh Stotra and Sangita Sara”.

●Greater Bay Area;- ↪ refers to the Chinese government’s scheme which links the cities of Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc. into an integrated economic and business hub.
●Y H Malegam committee;- ↪to look into the entire gamut of issues relating to classification of bad loans, rising incidents of frauds and effectiveness of audits.
●Italy’s Mount Etna volcano has erupted again
●Article 231 (1)↪ Parliament may by law establish a common High Court for two or more States or for two or more States and a Union territory.
●Second Delta Ranking of the Aspirational Districts Programme;-{released by NITI Aayog ↪ranking details the incremental progress achieved by the districts during June to October this year across six key development sectors.

●Global Nutrition Report 2018;-{released by WHO} ↪Is the world’s leading report on the state of global nutrition.
↪According to 2018 report, India has the highest number of ‘stunted’ children in the world [ nearly a third of all stunted children worldwide are to be found in India]
●World Energy Outlook;- ↪released by International Energy Agency
●Chang’e-4 mission;-{by China} ↪Is expected to make the first-ever soft landing on the far side of the Moon through rovers ↪Chang’e 4 is the fourth mission in the country’s lunar mission series which is being named after the Chinese moon goddess.
●“Adopt a Heritage: Apni Dharohar, Apni Pehchaan”;- ↪Is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture & Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and State/UTs Governments ↪aims to make our heritage and tourism more sustainable through development, operation and maintenance of world-class tourist infrastructure .
●Dwijing Festival;-{in Assam} ↪is an annual river festival celebrated in the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD) region of Assam ↪festival provides a platform of earning for the people through rural tourism

●E-commerce companies can operate under two different models in India;- •1)marketplace model ↪where the e-commerce firm simply acts as a platform that connects buyers and sellers. [FDI is allowed in e-commerce companies in this model] •2)inventory-based model↪where the inventory of goods sold on the portal is owned or controlled by the e-commerce company.[ FDI is not allowed under this model.]
●UNFCCC;- ↪The UNFCCC was adopted in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit ↪The UNFCCC established a framework for action to stabilise concentrations of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. ↪Nearly all member states of the United Nations have ratified the convention.
●Global satellite navigation systems(4)⤵ •GPS (US), • GLONASS (Russia),  •Galileo (EU),  •BeiDou (China).
◆there are two regional systems ⤵ • QZSS (Japan) and • IRNSS or NavIC (India).
●Subhash Chandra Bose Aapda Prabandhan Puraskaar;- ↪to recognise the excellent work done by individuals and institutions in the country in the field of “disaster management”
●e-Sahaj’ portal;- ↪for grant of Security Clearance. [The objective of national security clearance is to evaluate potential security threats, including economic threats]

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