UPSC IAS Prelims_10

●Strategic Partnership(SP) Model;-{Mo Defence}
↪Aims to manufacture important military platform in India(Under ‘Make In India’ programme)
↪Applicant company for strategic partners must be owned & controlled by indians resident(MIN 51%)
•Existing strategic partners would not be the  automatic choice for future contracts
●HOPE Probe Project;-{built by UAE}
↪will be sent on a scientific vayage of discovery to the Red planet(Mars)
↪This will mark the Arab world’s entry into the era of space exploration
●Superbugs;-{also called Multi-resistant}
↪Is a bacterium that carries several resistance genes
↪Most Superbugs are “Gram Negative bacteria”
↪are microscopic marine algae.
Most phytoplankton are buoyant & float in the upper part of the ocean, where sunlight penetrates the water.
•Ocean waves don’t transfer phytoplankton
●Innovation Cell(ICs) Network;-{MoHRD}
↪to encourage, inspire & nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas in Higher Educational Institutions(HEI)
●Equator Counter-Current;-{located near equator}
↪are unique because they flow in a direction opposite to that of the surface winds
●*Aeolus;-{or Atmospheric Dynamics Mission-Aeolus}
↪Built by European Space Agency(ESA)[Answers↪C]
↪Aeolus will be the 1st satellite with equipment capable of performing global wind-component profile observation,(to improve weather forecasting)
•Sinhalas↪Sri lanka
•Tuaregs↪Sahara Desert(Mali)
●Open-Source Software(OSS);-
↪Is a computer software in which the copyright holder grants users ‘Right to Study, Change & distribute the software to anyone & for any purpose[Need license]
↪Is species of woody plants
↪Is found in Eastern & Western Himalayas
•It’s is state symbol of Sikkim & Uttarakhand
●Indian Ocean Wave Exercise 2018 (IOWave18);-
↪to increase tsunami preparedness, evaluate response capabilities in each nation
↪India along with 23 other nations is participating in this major Indian ocean-wide tsunami mock drill organised by IOC of UNESCO
•Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission(IOC);-
↪aims to improve the governance, management processes of its Member States
●China has consistently blocked India’s bid to “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC)”
●Gadgil Committee;-
↪Defined the boundaries of Western Ghats for the purposes of ecological management
•Kasturirangan Committee↪Examine ‘Gadgil committee report’
●*Speed of Tsunami waves;-
↪depends on ocean depth[ Not on distance from source of the wave]
©”Speed =Distance/Time”{then why speed of tsunami waves will not depend on distance}
●Standard model of Physics;-
↪It describes how particles & forces interact by accepting fundamental forces of nature on subatomic scale
●Steep waves↪are fairly young ones & arr probably formed by local wind
●The Slave Route Project;-{initiative of UNESCO}
↪seeks to enhance the understanding of diverse histories & heritage stemming from global tragedy
●Inter State Transmission system;-
↪It is a system of conveyance of electricity by means of a main transmission line from one state to another state
↪It may be owned by central,state or even independent power as per CERC(Term & condition of Tariffs)regulations
↪Is a crypto-currency developed by “Venezuela”
●NAMICA(Nag Mission Carrier);-
↪Is a tank destroyer built for the army
↪NAMICA is a modified BMP-2 IFV & produced as “Sarath”✍ in India
●Chang’e ;-{by China}
↪Is an ongoing series of robotic moon missions by the China National Space Administration (CNSA)
●Bombay Natural History Society(BNHS);-
↪Is one of the largest NGO in india engaged in conservation & biodiversity research
↪is a partner of Birdlife International in India
•Logo↪Great Hornbill
↪Are career diplomats or senior govt. Officials appointed by leaders of their countries & help negotiate their leader position
●Listeria Monocytogenes;-
↪Is a bacterium associated with food stored for long periods of time in the refrigerator
↪It’s capable of surviving in the presence or absence of Oxygen
●Wardha Educational Conference-1937;-
↪Endorsing Gandhiji proposal for ‘Basic Education’ through tbe vernacular medium & manual productive work
●Organic Farming;-
↪Is a system which avoids or LARGELY(😔) excludes the use of synthetic inputs(like fertilizers,pesticides, feed additives etc.)
●Scheme “Ashram School in Tribal Area”;-
↪to provide residential school for STS to increase the literacy rate among the tribal students
●Banking Ombudsman;-{Appointed by RBI}
↪Is a quasi-judicial authority, created to resolve costomer complaints against bank relating to certain services provided them
●India Post Payment Bank(IPPB);-
↪It has been allowed to link several of its postal saving bank(1.55 lakh) account with it’s account
↪It offer 4% interest rate on saving account
↪It can issue ATM/Debit cards [NOT Credit cards]
●Siberian Shelf;-{in Arctic Ocean}
↪Is the largest shelve in the world (width 1500km)
●Arctic & Sub-Arctic region↪have majority of world’s wetlands
↪they produce more than 10% global marine fisheries
●*Parameters may lead to change bin the wave period;-
•Wave frequency
•wave speed
©Not ‘Wave height'(why?)
If waves are high,it will take more time than lower🙃[Even you have included wavelength]
●Qubit↪Is a basic unit of quantum information
●Minerals found on moon;-
●Livelihood In Full Employment(LIFE) Project-MGNREGA;-
↪A skill development programme of MGNREGA workers
●Incremental Cash Reserve Ratio(CRR);-
•Reserve Ratio(RR)↪is the proportion of deposits that banks have to keep cash with RBI
↪RBI introduced Incremental RR to absorb excess liquidity in the banking system following demonetisation
●In UN General Assembly↪all members have equal voting shares
●Sinai Peninsula;-
↪Lies b/w Gulf of Suez & Gulf of Aqaba
•It’s the only pert of the Egyptian territory which is located in Asia
↪share border with ‘Israel’
●’Inventory & Revival of Springs in the Himalayas for Water Security’Report;-{by NITI Aayog}
↪Nearly 30% of springs crucial to water security of people are drying & 50% have reported reduced discharge
•Spring population across the Himalayas⤵
↪Sikkim has the largest percentage(%) of villages that report having springs
↪Meghalaya has the largest number of villages that report having springs
●Biological Control of Pests & plants diseases;-
↪are helpful because they kill both useful & harmful pests & insects and increase the chances of plant survival & further plant growth
↪are darker, cooler areas on the surface of the sun in a region called the photosphere
•They are caused by interactions with the Sun’s magnetic field which are not fully understood
•Sunspots can affect climate on earth⤵
by ‘Change in solar output
BUT NOT ‘reversal of earth’s magnetic field’😒!
●Human Development Index(HDI);-
↪Cover three major indicators⤵
•standard of living(per capita income)
•Educational attainments
©【NOT on Income inequality】
HDI also measure purchasing power {So should also depends on Income inequality (Indirectly)} [U may right here]
↪Is a major festival of prayer for bountiful harvest (by the sangtams Tribes in Nagaland)
●Local winds;-
•Chinook↪USA(rocky Mt.)
•Mistral↪Southern Alps(also in France)
•Foehn↪Northern Alps(also in Switzerland)
•Sirocco↪African Deserts(Sahara)
●Dyarchy;-{means double rule}
↪was introduced by GoI act 1919
↪It divide provincial subjects into two part ‘Transferred & Reserved’
©Your statement make sense of ‘Dyarchy⤵
“Both centre & provincial legislatures had power of legislate in their own spheres” [It should be correct]
●Arctic Circle;-{Non-profit organization}
↪Is the longest network of International dialogue & cooperation on future of the Arctic region
●S & D Box;-{in WTO agreements}
↪Give ‘Special & Differential treatment(S&D) Box ‘ for developing countries
●Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA);-{launched by MoHRD}
↪to systematically rank education institutions & universities primarily on innovation related indicators
•Idea to Entrepreneurship↪ 54%
•Budget & Revenue↪20%
•Innovation Ecosystem↪10%
•Governance of Institutions↪6%
•Facilities & Entrepreneurial support system↪10% [It was 2nd option ]
© No option given by you was Correct & It had TWO similar
C)1 & 3
D)1 & 3
●Heat waves;-
↪when actual MAX temperature remains 45℃ or more heat wave should be declared
↪In India, It mostly experience in North-Western Regions
●National Student Startup policy;-
↪aims to create 1 lakh student owned technology startup within next 10 years(under Start Up India programme)
Skills based↪40%
Knowledge based↪30%
●Living Planet Programme(LPP);-
↪within Earth Observations Programme Directorate (under European Space Agency)
↪to understand the Earth system & it’s processes
●Optically-Stimulated Luminescence;-
↪Is a dating technique that is used to find out the last time quartz or feldspar sediment was exposed to light
●Direct Heat of Sun can be felt immensely at Ladakh ↪because of “Thin air at Ladakh”

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