UPSC IAS Prelims_17

●Global Crop Diversity Trust;-
↪Is an international “non-profit organization” which works to preserve crop diversity in order to protect global food security
↪In 2006,It become a part of funding strategy of the “International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for food and agriculture
●”Tragedy of the Commons”;-
↪It refers to dangers of over- exploitation of resources due to lack of property rights over them [Sustainable Development]
●France has most(12) number of time Zone followed by Russia(11) [ye sahi hai yaar! Ittu sa to France hai 12 time zone ?Wikipedia or NCERT?]
●Full Faith and Credit;-{clause in the Constitution}
↪A register or record made by a public servant in the discharge of his official duties is to given validity and recognition throughout the territory of india
●Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR);-
↪FCNR account is a term deposite account that can be maintain by NRI & PIOs in foreign currency
↪Funds held in these accouns can be remitted bank overseas subject to certain terms
©thses accounts are exampt from” income tax in india” [!?]
●Coco Island;-
↪Form the maritime borders of “India with Myanmar”
•Indira Point;-
↪Form the maritime borders of “India with Indonesia
●Dree;-{means purchasing or borrowing of food items}
↪Is an agriculture rite and fertility of “Apatanis”
●Essential Communities Act (ECA);-
↪Was enacted by central government in 1955 to control and regulate trade & prices of commodities declared essential under act
↪It deals with Jute & Textile and some fertilizer etc.
•Prices of essential “drugs” are still controlled by the DPCO
●Chhau dance;-
↪It’s a martial art dance performed exclusively by men (in N-E & Eastern Indian states)
↪Bhuly & Hos tribes are associated with this dance form
●Eight Schedule recognizes which of the following languages?
↪Originally It had 14 languages but presently there are 22 language
©Are you asking for Originally ??
●Oceanic Nino Index(ONI);-
↪ONI is one of the primary indices used to monitor the El Nino- Southern Oscillation(ENSO)
↪ONI is calculated by averaging sea surface temperature anomalies in a area of the East- Central Equatorial Pacific ocean
●Duty Credit Scrip;-{to promote export by giving tax incentives to the export}
↪It is a pass that allows the holder to import commodities by not paying a specified amount in import duties
●India’s territorial limit;-{12 nautical miles(22.2km)}
↪Is a belt of coastal water extending at most 12 nautical miles from baseline (usually the mean low water mark) of a coastal state
●Say’s Law;-
↪Supply creates its own demand
●New Moore Island;-
↪located in Bay of Bengal was claimed by both India & Bangladesh
↪Was found to be submerge later due to climate change induce global warming
●Thalweg doctrine;-
↪Is an international law for settling trans-boundary river disputes
●Food Fortification;-{Nutrient enrichment of food}
↪Is the process of adding essential trace elements & vitamins into the food}
●Japanese Encephalitis;-
↪Is a mosquito-borne flavi-virus (like dengue, yellow fever)
↪It primarily affects children(2-15 years)
●The State of World’s Human Rights” report;-
↪Is annually published by “Amnesty International”
●Village of Relegan Siddhi;-
↪Is considered a model of environmental conservation in india
↪It was made possible by the critical initiative of “Anna Hazare “{to heLP in the development of village}
●Sittwe Port;-
↪Sittwe is the capital of Rakhine State in south-western Myanmar.
↪It is located at mouth of Kaladan river, which flows into Mizoram
•It’ll be new route through Sittwe would significantly lower cost & distance of movement from Kolkata to Mizoram
•Kaladan project↪connects Sittwe Port in Myanmar to the India-Myanmar border
●President’ rule has been imposed for most number of times in Manipur (Not UP)

●Azad Hind Government;-{75th anniversary}
↪It was a part of a political movement originating in the 1940s outside India with the purpose of allying with Axis powers (Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, the Italian Social Republic & their allies) to free India from British Rule
•It was an Indian provisional government established in occupied Singapore in 1943
●China’s artificial moon project;-
↪Chinese scientists plan to send three artificial moons into space in the next four years
•artificial moon will have a reflective coating that can deflect sunlight back to Earth, similar to how the moon shines
•illuminated satellite is said to be eight times brighter than the real moon(lighting can be controlled)
↪is a joint mission of the European Space Agency(ESA) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) to the planet Mercury
•Mission comprises two spacecraft⤵
1)Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO)↪will study the surface and internal composition of the planet
2)Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO)↪will study Mercury’s magnetosphere
●UNCITRAL Model Law of Cross Border Insolvency, 1997
↪Give direct access to foreign insolvency professionals & foreign creditors to participate in or commence domestic insolvency proceedings against a defaulting debtor
↪Insolvency Law Committee (ILC) recommended adoption of UNCITRAL Model Law for India
•Model Law has been adopted by 44 Countries
●Malik Mazhar Sultan case;-
↪was relates to recruitment to the posts of Civil Judge(Junior Division) age eligibility of some candidates
●International Monetary Fund(IMF);-
↪is an international organization that aims to promote global economic growth & financial stability, to encourage international trade, and to reduce poverty
•IMF Quotas;-↪Was created to raise funds for loans
↪member country’s quota determines its maximum financial commitment to IMF & its voting power
●Green Climate Fund;-{set up in 2010 }
↪Is a financial mechanism under the UNFCCC which helps fund climate finance investment in low-emission for developing countries to allow them to mitigate climate change
●Justice Verma Committee;-
↪Centre to set up a panel of judges to look into the legal & institutional framework to curb sexual harassment at workplaces following the #MeToo campaign on social media
•Justice Verma Committee was formed in the aftermath of December 16 Nirbhaya gangrape in 2012
●Third Pole;-
↪region that encompasses Himalaya-Hindu Kush mountain range & Tibetan Plateau (is widely known as the Third Pole because its ice fields contain the largest reserve of fresh water outside the polar regions)
↪’Baishui’ glacier has lost 60% of its mass & shrunk 250 m since 1982{due to global warming} [melting of glaciers of the Third Pole could affect the lives of 1.3 billion people because of densely populated]
●Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty-1987;-↪Treaty required US & Soviet Union to eliminate & permanently forswear all of their nuclear & conventional ground-launched ballistic/ cruise missiles with ranges of 500 to 5,500 KM
•D Trump has announced that he would “terminate” the INF Treaty [US Report that Russia is in violation of its INF Treaty obligations]

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