UPSC IAS Prelims_18

●Currency Swap Agreement;-{b/w India & Japan}
↪Is an arrangement b/w two friendly countries, which have regular, substantial or increasing trade, to basically involve in trading in their own local currencies [without third country currency like US$]
●Nautical Mile;-
↪Is based on the circumference of the earth
•Is equal to= “1 minute of latitude”
●Central Board of Indirect-tax & Customs(CBIC);-
↪Notifies the “Exchange rate of foreign currency relating to import and export goods”
India[“Unnayan Banka” is an initiative which envisages “Quality education for all’ especially for those at the bottom of the Pyramid] won CAPAM Award-2018
●Buddhism population⤵
•70.1%↪Sri Lanka
◆81.3% of ‘Nepalese’ population was ‘Hindu'(census 2011)
●H-Index;-{or Hirsch Index}
↪To calculate”Productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or Scholar”
●Additional Tier 1(AT1)bonds;-{or Cocos bond}
↪Are the riskest debt issued by banks and don’t have any set maturity date [Issued under Basel-III capital regulations]
↪Have their roots in financial crisis when govt. were forced to bail out banks
●Nor Westers OR/ Kal Baisakhi;-
↪These are dreaded evening ‘Thunderstorms’ in Bengal and Assam
↪Kal Baisakhi brings destruction in term of lighting, thunderstorm, hailstrom & rainfall
•However, It is extremely helpful for pre-kharif crops like jute,paddy and large number of vegetables and fruits
●White Winged Wood Duck;-
↪Is one of the most endangered birds in India [Is limited to Assam and Arunachal Pradesh]
●Sashastra Seema Bal(SSB);-
↪Is one of the india’s central armed police forces under Mo Home Affairs
↪Presently SSB guards only [India-Bhutan & India-Nepal border]
●Sadhu bet island;-
↪ faces’Narmada dam’
•Statue of unity is located b/w “Satpura and vindhya mountain ranges”
↪Is a major shelf development project being implemented under Production Sharing Agreement(PSA) with ONGC(India) videsh( in “Russia”)
●Balaghat Mines;-(In Madhya Pradesh)
↪Are known for ‘Copper production’
•Khetri Mines;-(In Rajasthan)
↪Also famous fo Copper
●African Asian Rural Development Organization(AARDO);-
↪Is an autonomous, inter-governmental organization established in 1962
↪with objective of promoting cooperation among the countries of African-Asian Region
•HQ↪New Delhi
●Brahmaputra River;-
↪Originates in the “Chemayungdung glacier of kailash range near the Mansarovar lake”
●Arm’s length principle;-{is related to ‘Transfer pricing’}
↪buyers & sellers of a product act independently and have no relationship to each other
●Commercial papers;-
↪is an unsecured loan raised by firms in money markets through instruments issued in the form of a promissory note[it helps meet funding requirements relatively quickly for better-rated corporates]
◆Commercial papers can be issued for maturities between a minimum of ‘7 days’ and a maximum of upto “One year”
●‘Experiencing North East’ Festival;-{organised by North Eastern Council (NEC), Ministry of DoNER”}
↪Is a part of ‘Destination North East’ series aims at showcasing the diverse culture and heritage of North East all under one roof
•North Eastern Council;-
↪Is the nodal agency for the economic & social development of the N-E region{8 states including Sikkim}
Chairman->Union Home Minister
●India and Bangladesh sign agreements for enhance waterways connectivity;-
↪to use “Chattogram’ and ‘Mongla” Ports in Bangladesh for movement of goods to and from India etc
●Vigilance Awareness Week;-{29 Oct-3Nov}↪to sensitize and motivate its officers & staff to remain vigilant & transparent in their work in order to eradicate corruption in all spheres of life
•Theme ↪“Eradicate Corruption- Make a New India.”
•Central Vigilance Commission;-
↪is the apex vigilance institution[was conferred with statutory status in 2003]
↪body consists of central vigilance commissioner along with 2 vigilance commissioners [appointed by President on recommendations of a committee consisting of PM, Union Home Minister &LoP in Lok Sabha for 4years term or 65year age]
●Living Planet Report 2018;-{released
bi-annually by”World Wide Fund for Nature”✍}
↪report tracked more than 4,000 species of mammals,birds,fish,reptiles & amphibians
•report estimates that only a quarter of the world’s land is untouched by humans
•Global wildlife population shrank by 60% between 1970 and 2014
●Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016;-
↪Purpose for amending Citizenship Act of 1955.
↪After this illegal migrants from certain minority communities coming from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, & Pakistan will then be eligible for Indian citizenship
•Citizenship Act 1955;-
↪Is the exhaustive law relating to citizenship in India.[is governed by Articles 5 to 11 (Part II)
•Article 9↪a person who voluntarily acquires citizenship of any other country is no longer an Indian citizen
●Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC);-
↪was set up in 2010 to strengthen & institutionalise the mechanism for maintaining financial stability, enhancing inter-regulatory coordination & promoting financial sector development
•Chaired by the “Union Finance Minister”
●Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS);-
↪Project aims at creating a comprehensive & integrated system for enhancing efficiency & effectiveness of policing at the Police Station level
↪It leads to a Central citizen portal having linkages with State level citizen portals that will provide citizen friendly services like Police Verification in any part of the country
●Global Crop Diversity Trust;-
↪Is an international “non-profit organization” which works to preserve crop diversity in order to protect global food security
↪In 2006,It become a part of funding strategy of the “International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for food and agriculture
●International Conference on Status & Protection of Coral Reefs (STAPCOR – 2018);-{held at Bangaram coral Island,Lakshadweep}
↪Is an international conference in every 10 years to review the status & progress of coral reefs all over the world
Theme↪“Reef for Life”
•coral reefs↪are skeletons of tiny marine animal called polyps
●Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI);-↪is the statutory authority in charge of the waterways in India.
•HQ↪ Noida, UP
•IWAI will transport container cargo belonging to food & beverage giant ‘PepsiCo’ (India) from Kolkata to Varanasi on river Ganga (National Waterway-1)

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