UPSC IAS Prelims_19

●Line of Credit(loc);-
↪Is basically a flexible loan from a bank or financial institution to an individual or business
↪LoC will charge interest as soon as money is borrowed
●Finance Commission recommends both ‘Vertical and Horizontal distribution of resources b/w states’
•Horizontal imbalances across states are on account of factors,which include historical background, differential Endowment of resources and capacity to raise resources
●Belum Caves;-{located in Andhra pradesh}
↪Belum Caves have a length of 3,229m, making them the 2nd largest natural caves on the indian subcontinent 【after the “Krem Liat Prah Caves in Meghalaya”】
●Salma Dam & Shahtoot Dam;-{located in Afghanistan}
↪are often recalled in Indian diplomatic circles
●NaCl make up over 90% all dissolved ions in seawater(ocean)↪[Chloride has highest cconcentration followed by Sodium]
●Lagrange Points;-
↪are sweet spots in a planetary orbit
↪where the “pull of gravity” working from two opposing celestial bodies is balanced due to the “centripetal force” of their orbits
●Kuttanand System;-{in Kerala}
↪was developed by farmers over 150 years ago to ensure their food security
↪By learning to cultivate rice and other crops “Below Sea Level”
●Indian Community Welfare Funds(ICWF);-{setup in 2009}
↪Is aimed at assisting overseas indian nationals in times of distress and emergency in the ‘most deserving cases on a ‘means tested basis’
©↪to promote indian cultural by organizing cultural programme by recognized indian diaspora 【Answer should be both  Q31】
●Brown tides;-
↪are part of growing worldwide incidences of “Harmful Algal Blooms(HAB)”
↪which are caused by a proliferation of single celled marine plant called ‘Phytoplankton’
●Most of the world biomass is concentrated in Oceans;-
↪Oceans have the lowest primary productivity
↪despite Oceans score higher on total biomass due to its “huge spread(large area) over globe”
●Karewa formations;-{Kashmir Himalayas are also famous for it}
↪Which are useful for cultivation of “Zafran(a local variety of Saffron)
●Kordylewaski clouds;-
↪are largely composed of “Dust Particles”
●Mahawat;-{in context of indian climate}
↪Is a small amount of winter rainfall due to wester and north- western cyclonic disturbances
↪is important for growth of ‘rabi crops in northern India’
●Southern India Tribes;-
↪Show dominant traits of “Negritoes”(One of the three racial groups of tribes)
●Kerala still has the highest ‘overall life expectancy'(at birth) at 74.9 years
•J&K has the highest life expectancy(i.e post-60 life expectancy)
●Indian population in foreign countries;-
1)USA↪44.6 Lakhs
2)Soudi Arabia↪34.5 Lakhs
3)Malaysia↪29.7 lakhs
4)UAE↪28 lakhs
5)UK↪18.2 lakhs
6)Canada↪10 lakhs
●Rent seeking activities;-
↪Lobbying the govt. to change rule for making business more profitable
●Antarctica Continent;-(on an average)
•Is the coldest continent
•Is the driest continent
•Is the windiest continent
•highest elevation of all the continents(on an average)
●National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)
↪a statutory body under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (constituted under enabling provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972)
↪for strengthening tiger conservation, as per powers and functions assigned to it under the said Act
●India is Sri lanka’s largest trade partner globally
•India is among the top four investment in the Sri lanka with cumulative investment of over $1 billion since 2003
●Know India Programme(KIP);-
↪Is a flagship initiative for diaspora engagement targeting indian-origin youth (18-30years)
●Mango Showers;-{also called “April rains” or “Summer showers”}
↪are notable across much of South and South-East Asia
↪including india(kerala, karnataka) are usually ‘Pre-monsoon showers’
●Quad countries to focus on maritime security;-
• ‘Quad’, the quadrilateral formation includes Japan, India, United States and Australia.
•All four nations find a common ground of being the democratic nations and common interests of unhindered maritime trade and security
•All four countries share a vision of an open and free Indo-Pacific
↪Is an endemic to North America
↪Jojoba oil is a fungicide and biodiesel derived from jojoba can serve as a substitute for petroleum diesel
●Zaranj -Delaram Road;-
↪was constructed in 2009 by India
↪It provides land-locked Afghanistan an alternative way to access the Arabian sea and the Persian Gulf
●Social Forestry;-
↪Reducing the pressure on the traditional forest area by encouraging plantations on community land
↪It doesn’t aim at the displacement of exploitation of traditional forests
●Replacement Fertility Rates(RFR);-
↪At this rate death rates become equal to the birth rates and “population growth stops” [new birth population “replace” death population]
●Lighting a Billion Lives(LABL) campaign;-
↪Is for promotion of the use of solar lanterns specially designed and manufactured on a decentralized basis

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