UPSC IAS Prelims_21

●UN Global Compact on Migration;-
↪It sets out 23 objectives to deal issues ranging from factors that compel people to move, legal channels for migration, combating trafficking and smuggling, harnessing the economic benefits of migration & return of the migrants
•compact is the first intergovernmental agreement agreed upon by all the UN member states ‘minus the United States’
◆there are over 258 millions migrants around the world living outside their country of birth
●Paramahansa Mandali;-{established in 1849,Bombay}
↪was a secret Socio- religious group
↪they were primarily interested in breaking caste rules
●Satnami Movement;-{in 1820,Chattisgarh}
↪was a most important Satnami group ↪founded by “Ghasidas”,a farm servant and member of ‘Chamar cast(dalit)’ succeeded in providing a religious and social identity for large numbers of chattisgarhi dalit (like entry in temple etc.)
●Most of the river of ‘Indo-Gangetic plains’;-
↪are “Dendritic drainage pattern”       
 [appearance of branch looks like a tree]
●Witness protection scheme;-
↪to ensure that the investigation, prosecution & trial of criminal offences is not prejudiced [because witnesses are intimidated or frightened to give evidence without protection from violent]
•Supreme Court has directed all the states to implement the draft witness protection scheme
●Sarda Act(1930);-
↪pushed up the marriage age to 18(boys) &14(girls)
●Age of consent Act;-(1891)
↪forbade the marriage of girls below the age of 12
●Force Savings;-{term used by policymakers}
↪refers to ‘Reduction of consumption consequent to steep rise in prices
•Push interest rates down,which increase investment in the economy
●Taylor’s Rule;-
↪Is related to Monetary Policy interest rates rules
•It says that central bank(RBI) should increase interest rates by a margin slightly exceeding the current inflation rate to stabilse GDP
↪Is a Kharif crop in North-India and Rabi crop in South-India
●Dr. B R Ambedkar;-
↪founded the ‘Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha’ in 1924
•Some famous books of Ambedkar ji
1)The Untouchable
2)Pakistan or Partition of India
3)Thoughts on Linguistic states
●Gangotri Glacier;-
↪Is the primary source of the Ganges [Situated in Garhwal Himalayas and lies b/w 30°43′ -30°55′]
●Early Political Associations;-
•British Indian Association↪1851(Bengal)
•Bombay Association↪1851(Dadabhai Naoroji)
•East India Association↪1856(London)
•Poona Sarvojanik Sabha↪1879
•Madras Mahajana Sabha↪1884
●In 1921,Madras was the first legislature in British India to pass the women’s suffrage resolution(voting right)
●Ladakh;-{also called ‘Little Tibet’}
↪Is popular for its ‘Pashmina shawls’ &tourism
●Agrinnovate India Limited(AgIn);-
↪It’s a ‘for profit’ company owned by Department of Agriculture Research & Education (DARE),Mo Agriculture
↪It aims to promote R & D outcome in agriculture through IPR protection in India and Abroad
●Monetary Union;-
↪Is a region where common currency is followed
•Primecoin etc.
●Why most of the private investment in indian agriculture is on labour-saving Mechanization
↪because wages in the rural agriculture market have risen significantly in the last decade
●Vote of Credit;-{granted by parliament}
↪Is like a blank chaque by Lok Sabha to GoI
↪It is granted when an unexpected demand has arisen
●Quantum Size Effect;-{in Neno-technology)
↪Is the scale at which the basic functions of the biological world operate
↪It can be observed once the diameter of the particles is of the same magnitude as the wavelength of the electron’s wave function
●In devices(like in mobile) IP57 or IP 68;-
↪are various types of protection
•’Two digit number standard’ separately demonstrate protection against⤵
‘Dust ingress and water resistance’
●Vijay Laxmi Pandit;-
↪She became the first women president of the UN General Assembly
•She has also served as a member of the constituent assembly and the first indian women to hold a cabinet post
●Integrated Action Plan(IAP),GoI
↪for development of selected tribal & Backward Districts
●Total cultivation area in india is nearly 57% of its total land area
•Forests account nearly 20%
●High Seas;-
↪Is often used in maritime Economic Zone or in the territorial sea or in the internal waters of a state
●Jupiter has the shortest days of all the planets in our solar system
•Venus has the longest day of any planets in our solar system
●Measurement of Kilogram;-
↪Scientists have changed the way the kilogram is defined. [Currently, it is defined by the weight of a platinum-based ingot called “Le Grand K”.]
↪ Le Grand K has been at the forefront of the international system of measuring weights since 1889
•There is a quantity that relates weight to electrical current, called Planck’s constant “h” [But h is an incredibly small number to measure it with accuracy]
◆Dr Bryan Kibble built a super-accurate set of scales, known now as the “Kibble balance”.【 It enables the calculation of h to an accuracy of 0.000001%.】
●Eco-sensitive zones;-
↪are the areas notified by Mo Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEFCC),GoI around Protected Areas , National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries
•Environment Protection Act,1986 doesn’t mention the word “Eco-sensitive Zones”
●Ease of Doing Business Grand Challenge;-
↪objective of this challenge is to tap potential of young Indians, startups & other private enterprises to provide solutions to complex problems using current technology (like IoT & AI)
•to make India one of the easiest places to conduct business in the world
●City Gas Distribution (CGD) Projects;-
↪ to boost availability of gas supply for half of the country’s population in 26 states/UTs across 129 districts
↪to promote the usage of environment friendly clean fuel i.e. natural gas
•Natural Gas (as PNG) is cheaper by 40 % as compared with market price LPG
•Natural Gas (as CNG) is cheaper by 60% as compared with petrol and 45 % w.r.t. Diesel
●Russian Igla-S missile system;-
↪It is latest model of Russian MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense system) technology [Indian Army has picked Russia’s Igla-S missile system]
●Global Education Monitoring Report 2019;-{by UNESCO}
↪About 28% of youth(15-19yr) (seasonal migrant children) were illiterate
↪About 80% lacked access to education near work sites, and 40% are likely experiencing abuse & exploitation
◆there is only one urban planner/1lakh people in India [while 38/1lakh in UK]
●’NSE goBID’ App;-{launched by National Stock Exchange (NSE)}
↪app would allow investors to invest in treasury bills (T-Bills) of 91 days,182 days and 364 days & various government bonds
•Treasury Bill;-↪are short term securities issued on behalf of the government by RBI & are used in managing short term liquidity needs of the government
●August offer,1940 proposed
•A representative ‘Constitution making body’ shall be appointed immediately after WW-2
•The number of indians in Viceroy’s executive council will be increased
•war advisory Council would be setup
◆Congress didn’t approve august offer

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