UPSC IAS Prelims_24

●in Simple Keynesian Model(SKM);-
↪If interest elasticity of investment is high then small changes in interest rate may lead to a correspondingly large income in ‘National Income’
●’The Giving Pledge’ a campaign;-
↪to inspire the wealthy people of the world to give the majority of their net worth to philanthropy, either during their lifetime or upon their death [Not a legal contract]
↪It’s also a charitable foundation founded by “Bill Gates and Worren Buffet”
●Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan;-
↪aims to connect institutions of higher education (including IIT,NIT etc.) with local communities to address the development challenges through appropriate technology
●”Munda Tribes” are concentrated in
↪Bihar ,MP ,Odisha, Tripura and West bengal
●The Club of Rome;-{founded in 1968}
↪It is a global not-for-profit think tank that deals with variety of international issues, including the world economic system ,climate change etc.
↪It published the “Limits to Growth” thesis which prescribed sustainable development
↪Currently, It has national association in 35 Countries (including India)
●Raisina Dialogue;-{an annual conference held in New Delhi}
↪It’s envisioned to be india’s flagship conference of geopolitics and geo-economics
↪Jointly conducted by “Collaboration of Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation(ORF)
●The Pareto Principle;-
↪Used to judge “Effectiveness of welfare programmes and Efficient allocation of public finances”
●Open Forests;-
↪are defined as “all lands with  tree canopy density of 10% and more but less than 40%
●Electromagnetic waves↪can travel not only through air and solid materials, but also through the vacuum of space
●Key feature of “double rainbow”;-
↪Is that the colour sequence of the second rainbow (compared to the primary rainbow) reverses
●Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation(CEPI);-{launched by World Economic Forum(WEF)}
↪Is a public-private alliance to finance and coordinate the development of new vaccines to tackle epidemics
●Malthusian Trap;-{also called population trap}
↪Is a situation in which “Population growth would outpace availability of resources”
●Article 323A(dealing with administrative Tribunals) AND Article-323B (dealing with tribunals for other matters)
↪ were added by 42nd Constitution amendment act,1942
●Lok Adalat↪Is a “Statutory body”
●Earth as a whole doesn’t accumulate or loose heat
↪because the amount of heat received in the form of Insolation equals the amount lost by the earth through terrestrial radiation
●Mahapajapati Gotami;-{became first bhikkhuni(Buddhist nun)}
↪was the first women to seek ordination for women in the Buddhist tradition
●Moore’s Law;-
↪Moore in 1965, noticed that the number of transistors per square inch on IC(integrated Circuits) has double every year since their invention
●Nirbhay Missile;-
↪Is a long range surface-to-surface nuclear capable ‘subsonic cruise missile’ developed by DRDO
↪It has the ability to move horizontally like an aircraft
↪It can be launched even from under water vessels
●”Tirukkural” written by Thiruvalluvar {b/w 1st century BC to 3rd century BC}
↪mainly deals with “Ethics and way of life”
●Rampa Rebellion of 1879;-
↪It was an insurrection by the hill tribes in the Rampa region of Visakhapatnam “against the British government of the Madras presidency and Zamindars”
↪Ban of toddy tapping was an important factor behind the rebellion
●Crony Capitalism;-
↪refers to mutually advantageous relationship b/w business leaders and government officials
●World Economic Situation and Prospects(WESP) report;-
↪Is published by United Nations(UN) and others
●Forest Fires;-
↪there is decline in frequency of forest fires by around 16%
↪Three central states of Chhattisgarh, MP and Odisha contribute a third(33%) of forest fires

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