UPSC IAS Prelims_26

●IMPRESS scheme;-
↪to identify and fund research proposals in social sciences with maximum impact on the governance and society.
•”Indian Council of Social Science and Research (ICSSR)” is the Implementing Agency
↪Is generally used as an indicator of Diseases in an organism
●Global Information and Early Warning System(GIEWS);-
↪was created by a committee on World Food Security(CFS) of UN 【as a marker of food price alerts】
●PRASAD Scheme;-{by Ministry of Tourism}
↪to identify & develop pilgrimage tourist destinations on the principles of high tourist visits experience
●Replacement fertility Rates;-
↪those rates at which population would stabilize [birth rate=death rate]
●National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited(NCDEX);-
↪Is an online commodity exchange platform based in india
↪refers to green firw crackers developed by CSIR
●Khejri tree or Jandi;-{that inspired the chipko movement in india}
↪Is an indigenous tree ,which effectively stabilized sand dunes and can with stand periodic burial
↪It has medicinal properties and is considered sacred by som tribes of Rajasthan
●Special Purpose vehicles(SPVs);-
↪related to project investment and execution (In infrastructure sector)
●Interest Corridor’ in India
↪Difference b/w Marginal standing facility(MSF) rate and Repo rate
●Core Banking Solution(CBS);-
↪Is a networking branches ,which enable customers to operate their accounts
↪Customer of CBS branches can avail various banking facilities from any other CBS branch located anywhere in the world
●Poly-Oxime gel;-
↪protective gel applied on the skin to break down toxic chemical into sfe substances

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