UPSC IAS Prelims_28

●Bharat QR code(Quick Response code);-
↪Is a two-dimensional(matrix) machine-readable bar code made up of black and white square
↪It can be used to store information
↪it enables person to make payment to retailers without the retailer’s identification number (which is more secure)
●Ganeshwar-Jodhpura Cultural↪was an early centre of agriculture and copper metallurgy in the subcontinent.(more than 80 sites of this cultural have identified in Sikar, jaipur & Jhunjhunu districts of Rajasthan
•It’s possible that the inhabitants of khetri region supplied copper to the Harappans
●Silsila;-{term in medieval india}
↪A spiritual genealogy liking the master to the disciples [silsila means a chain ]
●Irrigation sector in india remains the main consumer of groundwater (nearly 90% of total annual groundwater draft for all uses)
●Ganapati;-{term used in pali texts}
↪to designate large landholders, as well as the village headman
●Green economy↪Is one whose growth in income & employment is driven by public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions and pollution
↪to enhance energy and resource efficiency and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems
●Two terms of 17th century;-
•Khud-Kashta↪were residents of village in which they held their land 【can be remembered by “Khud=Own land”】
•Pahi-Kashta↪were non-resident cultivators who belongs to some other village
●Alexander Cunningham;-{also called father of indian archaeology}
↪He was the first Director-General of Archaeological survey of india(ASI)
●Shiqdar officials;-{in Mughal india}
↪were mainly responsible for maintaining “law and order”
●Fatalists or Ajivikas↪were those who believe that everything is predetermined
●Cyclical Unemployment;-
↪Is a factor of overall unemployment that relates to cyclical trends in growth and production that occur within the business cycle
●USTTAD scheme↪aims at preserving & promoting the rich heritage of the traditional arts & crafts of the Minority communities
●Exoplanet↪a planet that doesn’t orbit the sun (but orbits a diffrent star)
●National Legal Services Authority(NALSA);-
↪has been constituted under Legal Services Authorities Act,1987[to provide free legal services to weaker sections of society]
•NALSA organises Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes
●Masattuvan;-{in ancient india}
↪Were rich Merchants
●BSE-GREENEX↪measures performance of the companies in the term of carbon emissions
●Kaniyan Koothu;-
↪Is a ritual art form practised during temple festivals in “Tamil Nadu”
●Fiscal Capacity;-{term used by policymakers}
↪refers to government’s tax and expenditure volumes

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