UPSC IAS Prelims_32

●National Grid;-{Is maintained by state-owned Power Grid Corporation of India}
↪It is the high-voltage electric power transmission network in mainland India, connecting power stations and major substations and ensuring electricity supply in mainland india
•Andaman& Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep are not connected to the National Grid
◆PM Modi recently dedicated the 220 kV Srinagar- Alusteng – Drass- Kargil – Leh Transmission Line to the Nation.[Ladakh is now connected to the National Grid.]
●India League;-(1922)
↪was a Britain based organization whose main aim was to “achieve full independence & self government for india”
•League’s activities were closely linked to events in india.[It’s often described as “Sister Organization of the congress party in india”
●Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA);-
↪was set up with the objective of strengthening regional cooperation and sustainable development within the Indian Ocean Region
•Members↪India, Australia, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand,Tanzania, South Africa & other IOR nations like Sri lanka, Bangladesh etc.
●INSTEX – Instrument In Support Of Trade Exchanges;-
↪It is a payment mechanism being setup by the European Union to secure trade with Iran and skirt US sanctions after Washington pulled out of the landmark nuclear deal last May
↪INSTEX will allow trade between the EU and Iran without relying on direct financial transactions
●Monetary Union;-{also called Currency Union}
↪Is such a region where a common currency is followed
●Cultivable area in india is nearly 57% of its total land area
●Antarctica Treaty System;-
↪It designates Antarctica as a scientific preserve
↪It bans military activity & related conflicts on that continent
●Food Products Order(FPO) certification mark for food in india;-
↪It’s mandatory on all processed fruit product sold in india
↪FPO mark guarantees that product was manufactured in a hygienic ‘food -safe’ environment
●National Data Sharing & Accessibility Policy(NDSAP);-
↪It aims to provide an enabling provision and platform for proactive and open access to data generated by various government of india entities
↪The objective of this policy is to facilitate availability of specific data in machine readable form through a wide area network all over the country
↪Is a form of balled singing prevalent in odisha
↪the performance is a form of warship & offering on behalf of the ‘Das’,the devotee
●Foundation for Ecological Ssecurity(FES);-{set up in 2001}
↪Is a non- profit organization working on environmental causes and based in Gujarat
●Helium↪is used as a “breathing gas” and substituted for nitrogen in the breathing air used by deep sea divers
↪Heliox is a mixture of oxygen and helium and is often used in the deep phase of a commercial deep dive to eliminate nitrogen narcosis
●Cartagena Declaration,1984
↪Is a non-binding agreement related to international protection of Refugees in central America, Mexico and Panama
●Sambar↪Is the state animal of Odisha
●Terahartz(THz) transmitter technology;-{developed by Japanese Scientists}
↪Is a next generation system which can transmit digital data over 10 times faster than 5G mobile networks
●Actual Ground Position Line(AGPL};-
↪Is the line that divides current positions of “India & Pakistan troops in the Siechen Glacier region”
●Ecuador↪Is the first Country to recognize and codify the ‘Rights of Nature” explicitly in its Constitution
●Xuan Zang(Chinese pilgrim) Memorial Hall ↪was built at Nava Nalanda Mahavihara
●Taylor’s Rule;-
↪Is related to Monetary Policy interest rate rule
↪It says that central bank(RBI) should increase interest rates by a margin slightly exceeding the current inflation rate to stabilse GDP
●Difference between a full Budget and an interim Budget;-
•Full Budget↪ deals with both expenditure and revenue side but Vote-on-account deals only with the expenditure side of the government’s budget
•A vote on account↪essentially means that the government seeks the approval of Parliament for meeting expenditure
•Interim Budget↪is a complete set of accounts, including both expenditure & receipts[While a ‘Vote on Account’ deals only with the expenditure]
●Jan Aushadhi Scheme;-
↪Seeks to make available quality medicines at affordable prices for all ,especially the poor and disadvantaged
●Polar vortex;-
↪It is described as a whirling cone of low pressure over the poles that is strongest in the winter months due to the increased temperature contrast b/w the polar regions and the mid-latitudes, (such as the US and Europe)
•Weather experts are predicting an extremely cold January & February for the northeastern United States,N Europe
●Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA);-
↪Is an international assessment that measures 15-year-old students’ on reading, mathematics & science literacy in every 3 years.
↪India had taken part in PISA in 2009& bagged 72nd rank among 74 participating countries.(then UPA government had boycotted PISA)
↪MoHRD officially decided to participate in PISA-2021(Is likely to be administered in schools in Chandigarh)
●Zearalenone in cereals;-
↪Zearalenone is a “fungal toxin” infesting cereals such as wheat, maize and barley. (It attacks crops while they are growing)
•Fungal toxins are commonly found in food, and can be a public health concern

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