UPSC IAS Prelims_8

●Zero Budget Natural Farming;-
↪Is a method of farming where the cost of growing & harvesting plants is zero
↪It’s basically, a natural farming technique that use biological pesticides instead of chemical-base fertilizer
↪Farmers use earthworms, cow dung,urine,plants etc. for crop protection
↪Farmers need not to purchase fertilizers & pesticides
●India Wage Report;-{by International Labour Organization}
↪Real average daily wages(₹247)in India almost doubled in the last two decades (₹128 in1993-94)
↪Daily wages in urban areas (₹384) also remain twice as rural areas (₹175)
↪Gender wage gap decreased from 48%(in 1993-94) to 34%(in 2011-12) but still remains high by international standards
●Tropical Cyclones are not formed at equator;-
↪Because at the equator, Coriolis force is zero & wind blows perpendicular to the isobars
↪low pressure gets filled instead of getting intensified
●United Nations Development Programme(UNDP);-
↪It works internationally to help countries to achieve the SDGs
↪It’s funded entirely by member nations(177)
↪It support national democratic transitions by providing policy & technical support
●The easterlies from either side of equator converge in the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone(ITCZ),such circulation from the surface upword & vice-versa are called “Cells”
●Katabatic & Anabatic wind;-(Valley breeze)
↪are generated by Contact & movement of air parcels close to a sloped terrain
•Katabatic wind↪ the cool air,of the high plateaus & ice fields draining into the valley is call Katabatic wind
•Anabatic wind↪reverse(⬆) effect occurs on slopes on sunny days
●Shock therapy;-
↪related to a transition from Authoritarian to a democratic political order
↪and Hardline Socialist ideology to a Capitalist economic ideology
●Green Revolution;-
↪M.S. Swaminathan led & implemented in india(mid 1960s)
●White Revolution;-
↪Started by “Verghese Kurien”,made dairy farming india’s largest self-sustaining industry(operation flood)
●Hiralal Chaudhary was known as father of induce fish breeding in India
●United Nations Disarmament Commission(UNDC);-{established in 1952 under United Nations Security Council(UNSC)}
↪treaty for the regulation,limitation & balanced reduction of all armed forces
●CO2 has highest concentration in the atmosphere
↪and has shown nearly 45% rise since pre industrial revolution
●Human Genome Project(HGP);-
↪Is an international scientific research project aims at identifying & mapping of all of the genes of the human genome from both a physical & a functional standpoint
●Asian Highway-1(AH-1);-
↪From Japan to Turkey(20,557 km)
●Bombay Plan;-
↪Nehruvian era witnessed the implementation of bombay plan(for development of post independence economy of india)
↪although pt.Nehru didn’t officially accept the plan
●BSE-GREENEX;-{index launched by Bombay Stock Exchange}
↪It measures the performance of the companies in terms of Carbon Emissions
●Indo-China Conflict-1962;-
↪It was in 1976{NOT in 1984 statement first should be incorrect}that full diplomatic relations were restored b/w two countries
●Microcystallites;-{a new type of gold}
↪were synthesised by decomposing an organic complex containing gold
↪Microcystallites are also more stable than normal gold
↪Gold in itself is not a catalyst but Microcystallites is
●Veto power of UNSC;-
↪when veto is exercised by any permanent members so-called “P5” (caste a “negative vote” on a ‘Substantive’ draft resolution
↪Abstention or absence from vote by permanent member doesn’t prevent a draft resolution from being adopted
●Ssatellite “TanSat”;-{launched by China}
↪Aimed at monitoring greenhouse gas(GHGs) emissions
↪China became 3rd country after Japan, US to have its own satellite to monitor GHGs
●World Trade Organization(WTO);-
↪setup in 1995 as successor to GATT after WW-2
↪It has over 150 members(all have equal voting rights)
●International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution;-
↪Is an autonomous organization working under aegis of the “Mo Law & Justice”
↪to facilitate earlier resolution of disputes & to reduce the burden of arrears courts
●India’s ONLY live volcano↪Barren Island(in A&N Island)
●Mekong-Ganga Cooperation(MCG);-
↪Is an initiative by six countries India & 5 ASEAN(Cambodia, Lao LDR,Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam) for cooperation in tourism, cultural, education etc.
●National Air Quality Monitoring Programme(NAMP);-
↪Is being implemented by ” Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB)
↪to determine status & trends of ambient air quality
●BIMSTEC;-{7 Members}
↪Is free trade area framework agreement has been signed by members nations
S↪Sri lanka
Nepal means Nepal
●Brent blend;-{found in U.K & Norway}
↪Is a light & sweet Crude oil
↪Brent blend makes up more than half of the world’s globally supply of crude oil
●Micro-nutrient Iron play a significant role in oceanic primary production
•Last three words ESH⤵
↪Is a Single-window hub for the clearance of projects related to Environmental & wildlife clearances
●International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA);-
↪was created in 1957 in the deep fears of Nuclear Technology
↪It’s known as world’s “Atom for peace”
●OSIRIS-Rex Spacecraft;-{by NASA}
↪will help scientists to investigate how planet formed & how life began
↪also improve our understanding of asteroid that could impact earth
●Stratosphere layer of Atmosphere;-
↪almost free from clouds & associated weather phenomenon
●Big data;-
↪Is a complex data which can not be handled by traditional data processing software
●Fluorinated gases;-
↪they are emitted through semiconductor manufacturing processes
↪they have very high global worming potentials relative to other GHGs
●North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO);-
↪Membership is open to “any other European states”
↪NATO is programme of advice, assistance & practical support for members
●Mizoram has highest forests area as percentage of total state area
•Madhya Pradesh has highest open forests area
●Global Seed Vault;-
↪It lies deep inside a mountain on a remote island in mainland b/w Norway & North pole
↪permafrost & thick rock ensure that seed samples remain frozen even without power
●Australia Group;-
↪Was established in 1985 after use of chemical weapons in Iran in 1984
↪Is an informal group of countries(now join by European Commission)
●International Maritime Organization(IMO);-
↪Is a specialised agency of UN responsible for Shipping in international water
●Underground Coal Gasification(UCG);-
↪Is significantly reduces the use of the groundwater in coal related operation and
↪also reduces generation of harmful air pollutants associated with coal mining
●Uranium reserves can be found(in india);-
↪Singhbhum Thrust belt,JH
↪Cuddhapah basin of Andhra pradesh
↪Mahadek basin of Meghalaya
↪Is a term used for “Shifting Cultivation” in Madhya Pradesh
●South Asia;-
↪Cover about 11.71% area of Asia Continent & 3.5% of world land surface area
↪and about 39.49% of asia population & 24% of world population
◆NOT 1/4th of asia population(it will be b/w 1/2 & 1/3rd)
↪Is a popular method of sil conservation
↪It helps in retaining soil moisture &
↪Improving the organic matter of the soil

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